Heartland Tour Map & Itinerary

*FTC Disclosure: Brands appearing on the Tequila Aficionado Dia de Los Muertos & Heartland Tour had to be vetted as Brand of Promise Nominees and paid a nominal fee to be on the tour.

It’s Official – We Have a Rockin’ Itinerary!!

Here’s the map – it is a public map on Google so feel free to zoom in and really dig into it.  We’ve got some great stops and events planned that are going to make for epic content for our sponsors.

Check the itinerary below the map for a few details of our tour of some of the best of America’s Heartland.

We’ll kick it all off by spending a night at Bracken Cave, the world’s largest bat colony, and just happens to be made up of Mexican Free-Tailed Bats, the very bats responsible for the tequila we love.

Then we’ll drive north to Lake Texoma for some gorgeous photos ops with our sponsor brands.

Next, we’ll be spending some time with the Lujano Family, the owners of Felipe’s Restaurants in Wichita, Kansas.  We have an amazing private tasting of our sponsor brands planned with the Lujano’s and the folks of Standard Beverage.

After a quick stop in Iowa to refuel and exercise off all of the great food we’ll eat at Felipe’s, we’ll make our way up to Minnesota’s Twin Cities.  We’ll meet with and interview the folks from Los Osuna at Barrio on our first day there and attend an event of epic proportions hosted by Revel Spirits at 6Smith in Wayzata.

Heartland Tour Map & Itinerary http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4q8

From Minnesota, we’ll roll into Wisconsin where we will stop in the quaint community of Stoughton that can trace it’s history to Norway.  There, we’ll spend some time with the proprietress of Cheeser’s to learn all about some of America’s finest craft cheeses (and a few imports).  While we’re there, we hope to find the perfect pairing for each of our sponsors.

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it! 

From Wisconsin, we’ll loop around Lake Michigan to visit some of Michigan’s finest u-pick farms and farmer’s markets for great local foods to pair with our sponsor brands.

Next we’ll drive to Kentucky for batty and Jurassic adventures at Mammoth Cave National Park, the world’s largest cave system, and Dinosaur World.  Weather providing, we should be able to take some great photos of the attractions and the brands coming with us.

Making our way south, we’ll do some glamping by The Big Muddy and maybe hop a riverboat in Memphis.

Catfish and barbeque can pair nicely with tequilas and mezcals!

After that, we’re headed to Crater of Diamond’s State Park in Arkansas to get our rock hound on!  When you find a diamond there, you get to name it, so we’re hoping we’ll find enough to name one after each of our sponsors.

Can you say the Siempre Diamond?

After our big diamond strike, we’ll make our way back to Texas to explore the American space program at NASA in Houston.

With three weeks on the road, we’re going to see some of the Heartland’s finest sights and enjoy the local flavors and we’re looking forward to doing that with all of our sponsors:

Route 66 Tequila, Diva Tequila, 888 Tres Ochos Tequila, Soltado Tequila, Santo Diablo Mezcal, ArteNOM 1579, Don Amado Mezcal, Desmadre Tequila, Papa Bueno Tequila, One With Life Tequila, 21 Tequila, JLP Margaritas, Revel Spirits, Los Osuna, Embajador Tequila, Z Tequila, Siempre Tequila, Malinalli Tequila, Senda Real Tequila, Don Fermin Tequila, Tequila Mandala, Mezcal Legendario Domingo, and Nocaut Tequila.

We don’t leave until September 10th so if you’d like to get on board as a sponsor, there’s still time to do so!  Simply fill out the form below and we’ll make sure you get on the tour!

FTC Disclaimer

Brands participating in Tequila Aficionado Tours are selected to participate based upon our interest in working with and promoting them.  We never endorse a brand we would not recommend to our mothers.  All participants in these tours pay a one-time sponsor fee to participate in exchange for receiving custom social media content creation. #sponsored


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