Chamucos Tequila Review

A Visit with the Maestro at Tequila Quiote

chamucos, tequila, tequila aficionadoHector Abbod is the still master at the Quiote Distillery. He is a referred to as the “maestro” in the tequila industry. Hector has worked as a consultant to many distilleries and is known for his expertise at creating some of the finest tequilas.

I had the pleasure to visit Hector at the distillery. He gave me a tour and explained in detail the entire production process of tequila production. He began with the importance of using very high quality blue agave and detailed the growing and reproduction process.

Hector and I spent the day walking and talking in the agave fields and in the distillery.

Finally, he began to pour a small sample of 100% agave, Chamucos Tequila Blanco. Wow, I was impressed with this Blanco. He said it was a favorite of the Tequileros in the region. It was loaded with the flavor of cooked agave. We moved on to reposados and later, añejos. We had an opportunity to do some blending of very old añejos. Blending is an art. You can start with several different flavor profiles such as, fruity, spicy, floral, earthy, herbal and so on. You would think, that you could blend certain percentages of your favorite ones and the out-come would be superb. Wrong. We found that the process is very ardurous. It took many attempts to begin to find the combinations that work together to produce complexity, balance and finish well.

For Hector it is his work and his passion. For me it was pure pleasure. He mentioned that Chamucos Tequila was designed to drink like good tequila should. Lots of natural agave flavor balanced with aging to produce a very nice drinking tequila. Not over oaked or lopsided in flavor. One that you can drink all night long…

Chamucos Tequila Review submitted by “Spark”

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