Goza Reposado Tequila Review [Transcript]

We hope you’ll enjoy this replay of our Sipping Off the Cuff with Goza Tequila Reposado along with the new full transcript in English.

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ALEX: You are watching Sipping Off the Cuff on Tequila Aficionado dot com. I’m Alex Perez.


MIKE: I’m Mike Morales here in San Antonio. Alex Perez is at the Area 51.

ALEX: (undeterminable comment)

Sipping Off the Cuff | Goza Tequila Reposado [Transcript] https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5LqMIKE: What’s that?

ALEX: Are you a cowboy?

MIKE: I’m a cow…? No.

ALEX: Antonio.

MIKE: I’m am not a cowboy, and I am not a spur!



ALEX: You’re probably watching us on Youtube, so please subscribe.

MIKE: Yes.

ALEX: WE are tasting, drumroll…..Goza!

MIKE: Goza, not to be confused with Gozer, that was a character in Ghost Busters. (laughing) Alex –


MIKE: We really enjoyed the blanco.

ALEX: Yes.

MIKE: …and as we may – if you haven’t seen our blanco, the blanco tasting-

ALEX: Vodka!

MIKE: These guys are, they’re 3 owners led by a Mr. Gluck, and they are based out of Atlanta.

ALEX: Ooh! Bubbles.

MIKE: So they’re taking Hot-lanta by storm, apparently. Which is, if anybody’s been watching the market, the Southern, the Southeastern market is really very cocktail-driven. They’re getting into tequilas, they’re getting into mezcals… and Goza is, these guys are just on top of it. Look at the logo, check that out. The Day of the Dead with the wings on it, and the cocktail, and… You know, they’re very much into that. And that’s where they’re driven as far as their social media. So you can find them on Facebook, you can find them on Instagram, I believe they’re also on Twitter. And tonight, Alex, we’re doing the reposado.

ALEX: Yeah, we’re doing the reposado. I actually poured. It had some bubbles. I actually had to look at the bottle a second time, because it is so light.

MIKE: I was gunna say!

ALEX: I thought I had poured the blanco again.

MIKE: Yeah. It’s very pale straw color.

ALEX: It’s almost the same color. It just has like a tinge of… I dunno if you can see it, but there’s like no color in there.

MIKE: I mean hardly any. I had to hold it up to- my light’s over to my right, your left, and I had to… and they say this is aged for 6 months, right?

ALEX: Aged for 6 months in white oak barrels.

MIKE: In white oak barrels, and what did they say? This is where the, where blanco meets añejo.

ALEX: Where blanco meets añejo.

MIKE: (laughing) that’s what their…

ALEX: blanco meets añejo.

MIKE: That’s what their brochure says, yeah.

ALEX: So I’m wondering if they’re filtering this too.. but it only says they’re doing it for the blanco.

MIKE: Yeah, so the blanco is filtered, double-distilled, triple-filtered, is that what they said?

ALEX: Yeah.

MIKE: Ohh, ohh! Wow. Ohh, ohh, oh, oh!

ALEX: Yeah, it’s got a neat nose. See the….

MIKE: Look at – (laughing) You’re using one of their table tents, right? Is that what you’re doing?

ALEX: Right.

MIKE: Yeah, so they do have the really cool table tents.

ALEX: (laughing)

MIKE: Chances are you guys have seen them at one of, you know, at a club somewhere in Atlanta, or somewhere in Georgia. Don’t be afraid to give us your opinion on Goza down here. Fill it out. Tell us what you think if you’ve had it before. I love this nose, Alex. For only 6 months it’s very little color. But the nose on it, is even – it’s even giving me, it’s like it’s one more layer on top of the blanco.

ALEX:  Right, it’s actually. That’s a good way to describe it. And, the nose? I am getting a little bit, just hints of caramel.

MIKE:  You’re just getting a little bit… It’s almost like it’s just been kissed by the barrel.

ALEX: It’s just a little, just a little, yeah. Just a little, little kisses of caramel, little kisses of honey, little kisses of vanilla. And the, in the palate it’s actually very nice. It’s actually very delicate. Very little heat…

MIKE:  Mmm! There’s no heat from the blanco anymore.

ALEX:  Oh.

MIKE: There’s just a pepper.

ALEX: Just a slight little pepper.

MIKE: Way on the back end. Maybe a little bit – it’s spicier now, now that it’s been in the barrel, than it was unaged in the blanco. Wow! This is really good, Alex.

ALEX:  It’s actually, yeah. And it’s different. It’s not… It’s not a typical reposado.


ALEX: It’s almost like they’ve really taken the time to really smooth out the edges…

MIKE: Yeah, and that’s exactly –

ALEX: A nice little intro. Yeah, it’s like – it’s a great intro into the aged category.

MIKE: I think they’re funny – even though the descriptors in there, in the brochure is really funny, I think they actually got it right; that really is an introduction into the aged, or the añejo category, if you’re not familiar with it.

ALEX:  It’s a very elegant reposado.

MIKE:  Yeah, it belies its marketing. It really is a worthy sipper, as was the blanco in my opinion. But the blanco I think would lend itself probably better to the cocktails. And like I say, right now in the Southeast, cocktail cultures very, very hot. There’s a lot of these secret hotbeds of tequila and mezcal, ya know, going on in Georgia, going on in North Carolina South Carolina… Florida has always been kind of iffy because of the Latin Hispanic influence… but they’re starting to really come around, Alex. And I’m impressed, man! These guys at Goza, they jumped on that band wagon at the right time. Wow…

ALEX:  Wow, please – go grab some Goza.

MIKE: Yeah!

ALEX: I think, another Brand of Promise, Mike.

MIKE: I think you’re right. I think we… you know, we’ve nominated it for packaging, of course all the bottles are generally the same, except for the color code. That’s how you find out what the blanco is, what the repo is, and the añejo. But um… I’m impressed, man. This is very, very good stuff. Again, from NOM 1479 for anybody who’s had Nuestro Orgullo tequila. But, go out and get you some! And, while you’re at it, if you’ve had it, give us the comments down below, okay? And subscribe to our Youtube channel. We are now affiliated with Disney, and Makers Studios of the Disney Company, so we’re a part of the Disney family. And we want to make you part of our family as well. So, subscribe… give us your thoughts, we just gave you ours. Brand of Promise nominee for 2016, on the reposado, that’s Goza. I’m Mike Morales here in San Antonio.

ALEX:  And I’m Alex Perez. You’re watching Sipping off the Cuff on TequilaAficionado.com, and as always, sip wisely.



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Route 66 Reposado Tequila Review [Transcript]

See the original Sipping Off the Cuff | Route 66 Tequila Reposado Review video here.

ALEX: You are watching Sipping Off the Cuff on Tequila Afocionado.com, also part of Tequila Aficionado Media. I´m Alex Perez in Southern California.

Sipping Off the Cuff | Route 66 Tequila Reposado [Transcript] http://wp.me/p3u1xi-51lMIKE: (making motorcycle noises) I´m Mike Morales.

ALEX: On his motorcycle.

MIKE: On my air-cycle. (making motorcycle noises)

ALEX: On your Harley Air?

MIKE: On my Harley Air. (laughing) That sounds like a tennis shoe!

ALEX: Why? Because we´re doing…

MIKE: Because, Alex. Show everybody what we´re doing today.

ALEX: Route 66 Tequila.

MIKE: Route 66 Tequila. Now Alex, you just confessed to me – I completely spaced because I haven´t lived in Southern California in a while. You live very close to in Pasadena very close to the original Route 66, right?

ALEX: Yeah, so I´m right off of Foot Hill.

MIKE: Right off of Foot Hill, in Pasadena. I used to live in Albuquerque, and right down Central Ave is Route 66. Look at this, check this out.

ALEX: (making motorcycle sounds)

MIKE: This is – do not be fooled; this is a motorcycle bottle.

ALEX: This is a cool bottle.

MIKE: It´s a really cool bottle, great design. The packaging is really cool too. You have of course, the eagle eyes. See the eagle eyes? The eagle eyes are upon you.

ALEX: This is why you call it Sipping Off the Cuff I haven´t even opened up my bottle yet.

MIKE: Yeah, yeah. People don´t believe me when I tell them that Alex pops these babies open as we – well, you know, I haven´t even done this one either. I´m going to have to pop this one open too. We´re both actually popping this open on camera and it´s a very easy bottle that – now this is a, to be clear, this is not a 750 it is a 375 and because of the special shape, you´ll understand why it has to be a certain size. Because this stopper here is the stopper, there´s no alcohol in there. And it´s a fairly decent sized stopper you still have yet to wet it down a bit to get it off. It´s not as difficult as we´re trying to make it seem, because it really is a very clever design. As soon as I can just get it off of here.

Sipping Off the Cuff | Route 66 Tequila Reposado [Transcript] http://wp.me/p3u1xi-51lALEX: (laughing) Here we go.

MIKE: It´s got an extra long cork, see how the cork is a fairly long cork?

ALEX: Yeah, it´s to keep it together.

MIKE: Right, right. And it´s doing its job.

ALEX: I see bubbles.

MIKE: Yeah these folks are from the same makers – in fact, Alex can you see the NOM number on that distiller.

ALEX: I do, this is 1433.

MIKE: 1433. These folks are

ALEX: Nice.

MIKE: These folks are Route 66 Tequila, Diva Tequila, Peñasco Tequila, are all the same importers. They´re great guys based in actually, based in San Antonio. I believe that they´re planning an office shortly up in this area. They´re very clever guys; Larry Large and his son Bradley Large. In fact, what´s the name of the company? Oh –

ALEX: Is that why there´s an XL on the seat?

MIKE: I, I´m not sure.

ALEX: For large?

MIKE: He´s a big guy and his son is a bicyclist actually, he does a lot of cross country biking. And they, the Diva Tequila is the infused tequila that won a Brand of Promise from Tequila Aficionado Media last year for 2014. They´re used to some great tequilas and there´s more coming, they´re phasing in every market that they happen to get into, with every niche they fill that niche.

ALEX: Looks like they´re the same distillers that does the Hijos de Villa Tequila, the gun.

MIKE: Hijos de Villa Tequila, yeah, the gun, which those are mixtos. These are not, these are cien por ciento (100%).

ALEX: Right, this is cien por ciento (100%).

MIKE: And don´t be fooled by the bottle. You know, it looks like a – you know, if you´ve seen any of the Hijos de Villa bottles, they´re guns, I own the rifle, I got that in storage – everybody´s seen it… But look at the color on this tequila.

ALEX: Yeah, that´s nice. Yeah, it´s a novelty.

MIKE: Yeah, it´s a novelty but, unlike other novelty bottles of tequila, I think this one is going to surprise us.

ALEX: Yeah it´s got a nice light, straw color. It´s got a really nice nose.

MIKE: The color is really beautiful and it´s got great legs; I mean, it´s got clingy legs.

ALEX: Yes.

MIKE: Did you notice that? Very nice, it sheets down very nicely on your Riedel glass. Course we´re using Riedel tequila glasses.

ALEX: I get some, uh… Wow, some nuts and like dried fruit.

MIKE: Yeah, it´s almost got a nose like an anejo, almost.

ALEX: Like dried raisins, yeah.

MIKE: I´m not exactly sure how long this is aged. Let me see where…

ALEX: There isn´t much information on their website.

MIKE: I´ll have to find out from the Larges; from Larry and Bradley about the aging of this particular tequila. Yeah, we´re not getting a whole bunch of information out of their website. It´s kind of a slick website, but there´s not much information there.


MIKE: I know they´ve done promos, as a matter of fact, last year they actually went up to Sturgis for that big Harley…

ALEX: Oh. (laughing)

MIKE: Yeah, they didn´t do it this year, but they did it last year. And whenever they can do some Harley or any of you guys who are tequila drinkers or collectors or who have bikes, you know who you are, this is definitely one you´re going to want to get in your collection. But even more than that, even more than that…Oh nice, wow!

ALEX: Wow!

MIKE: (growling noises) Mmm! Mmm!

ALEX: This is a special reposado. Very nice. I love the dried fruit.

MIKE: There´s nuts, dried fruit, a little caramel in there.

ALEX: Mmmhmm!

MIKE: It´s kind of, it´s more of a whiskey-forward tequila, I think.

ALEX: I think so too. It´s got an attack right in the front. Right as it enters your mouth. And a really nice finish, too. Great, great reposado.

MIKE: Great nose, too. I was extremely surprised, because you know, I´m thinking, you know, you got a bottle that looks like a motorcycle why would I want it? Other than the fact that it´s going to go with my gun, my machine gun, my rifle… there´s another one that looks like a flint lock, like a pirate, like a dueling pistol… why do I want it? You´re going to want this to sip on, boys and girls. Let me tell ya. And ladies also! It´s kind of a novelty bottle, it really is a novelty bottle, but it´s very well done. I think the packaging, Alex I think if we were to nominate this not only for reposado but I think the entire the packaging is fun, if you live anywhere near Route 66 if you have a motorcycle that you´ve traveled on to Route 66 somewhere along you know, from where does it start? Chicago? I think it goes through Chicago, New Mexico, San Bernadino, how does that song go? Winslow, Arizona.

ALEX: Come on Mike, sing it for us!

MIKE: I can´t, I can´t hold a tune but I love the flavor profile on this tequila, man! This is a real, real dark horse. Oh you´re looking it up, aren´t you?

ALEX: Looking it up.

MIKE: (laughing) It goes past your back yard.

ALEX: Get your kicks, on Route 66!

MIKE: (together)…on Route 66!

ALEX: Here ya go. Now you go through Saint Louis, Joplin, Missouri, And Oklahoma City is mighty pretty…

MIKE: (laughing)

ALEX: You’ll see Amarillo, Gallup, New Mexico, Flagstaff, Arizona. Don’t forget Winona, Kingman, Barstow, San Bernadino. (laughing)

MIKE: (laughing) Oh my god… You see how much fun you can have with tequila, ladies and gentlemen? This is what we do. We get paid for this – well, not really, but… anyway!

Sipping Off the Cuff | Route 66 Tequila Reposado [Transcript] http://wp.me/p3u1xi-51lALEX: We don´t really, we get paid in juice.

MIKE: We get paid in juice. And this juice is really, really good.

ALEX: Technically I´m very impressed.

MIKE: So was I. You know, I had my reservations because we know the folks at Del Bravo. I´ve tasted a lot of what their line consists of. And they have the value line and they have unique line the infused line, which they´ve done Gangbusters with, with Diva Tequila, they´re coming with us on our Tequila Tour in October. And then with this, I´ve got to tell you folks, whether you own a Harley or not, whether you like unique bottles or not, this is a great sipper. And I´m going to go out on a limb and say this is a Brand of Promise for reposado and for packaging.

ALEX: I agree. Good choice.

MIKE: It´s just, you know, the beautiful color, don´t – whatever you do, I know that those of you in the motorcycle/biking culture like to shoot whiskey and you like to shoot tequila – don´t shoot this one!

ALEX: No, you want to sip it.

MIKE: You want to sip it. This is truly a sipping tequila. If you didn´t see the bottle and you didn´t see the packaging, and somebody handed one of these to you, this is definitely a worthy sipper and I´m real happy with this, Alex. It´s charming….

ALEX: It´s charmy.

MIKE: It´s charming, it´s chiny, you know, and it´s a Br-

ALEX: It´s charming, it´s chiny, and it tastes real good. (laughing)

MIKE: Yeah, and it´s a Brand of Promise nominee. It´s got everything that your whiskey pallet will desire without being so whiskey or bourbon-y either, because it´s more on the sweet side than the dry side. So that´s our take on Route 66. For those of you living all over America.

ALEX: Nice.

MIKE: Get yourselves a bottle of Route 66, America. You´ll be happy.

ALEX: Vroom, vroom!

MIKE: Vroom, vroom! I´m Mike Morales, from San Antonio.

ALEX: And I´m Alex Perez in Southern California. You´ve been watching Sipping Off the Cuff on Tequila Afocionado.com, thanks for watching and as always, sip wisely.


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El Consuelo Reposado Tequila Review [Transcript]

WatchSipping Off the Cuff | El Consuelo Reposado [Transcript] https://wp.me/p3u1xi-56W the full video review.


MIKE: Hi, I´m MIKE Morales. You are watching Sipping Off the Cuff on Tequila Aficionado dot com, part of Tequila Aficionado Media. I´m here in San Antonio, that gentleman out there is…


RICK: RICK Levy in San Diego.


MIKE: And RICK, tonight we have the complete set of a beautiful organic tequila that we fell all over ourselves… It was a Brand of Promise winner.


Sipping Off the Cuff | El Consuelo Reposado [Transcript] https://wp.me/p3u1xi-56WRICK: For 2016, organic blanco winner.


MIKE: Yes, you have the blanco.


RICK: El Consuelo.


MIKE: Tonight we are doing the reposado.


RICK: Reposado.


MIKE: We didn´t even know that they had the varietals. We didn´t know that there was more. So when they sent us….


RICK: What a lovely surprise, to find more elaborations.


MIKE: Well, we when they sent us the rest of it, it was after our cutoff for 2016, so obviously these are their entries for 2017. By the way, our organic category is looking very, very interesting this year.


RICK: The category is taking off this year, isn´t it?


MIKE: Yeah, you know, and there´s more coming. There –


RICK: It´s a wonderful development.


MIKE:  Yeah, considering the state of agave at this point, in 2016, being that there´s a shortage. It´s nice to know that places – brands like Consuelo are estate-grown and bottled and I believe we have just made contact with a couple of people involved with the distillery, and it´s very much the co-op that you and I were talking about when we talked about the blanco.


Sipping Off the Cuff | El Consuelo Reposado [Transcript] https://wp.me/p3u1xi-56WRICK: When we took the blanco.


MIKE: in 2016. So –


RICK: Yeah, in Atotonilco.


MIKE: Yes.


RICK: They seem to be very committed to their production process.


MIKE: Oh, you should see the pictures, RICK. You should see the estate pictures – oh, oh, oh my god! They´re beautiful. They´re so, you know, they´re surrounded by fruit trees and it just looks peaceful. I just want to go lay down in the field, you know?


RICK: Yeah.


MIKE: It´s that beautiful.


RICK: Well, I just know that I get excited whenever we have – especially when we have an organic tequila, it´s wonderful, because you know that they put a lot of work into how they care for it, you know, for those 7-10 years while it´s growing. But also, I just love it when we have tequila that has used open air fermentation, and has used masonry ovens for containers.


MIKE: Well that and the fact that when – I had to pull out the old POS material from last year to catch up, and I had forgotten that they use a proprietary yeast; the cultures come from their own agave, which is very similar to what Carlos Camarena does. I´m sure that´s what Felipe Camarena does also. So it´s very much a –


RICK: Yeah, well, Felipe – I believe when I was talking to Felipe last, he said they use a combination of natural yeasts and then something that´s been more cultured.


MIKE: Oh, yeah. When I spoke to – when I met Carlos Camarena it was just cultures from their own agave is what – course that was the first time I met him, things may have changed at this point, but… especially for el Tesoro because at the time that was not – Tapatío, that was the secondary line. So when I met him originally, it was all about El Tesoro de don Felipe. But regardless, I think that you know, acquiring yeast cultures from their own plants – I think it´s a safer bet, you know what I mean? Everything is going to –


RICK: Well, I think it just shows that they´re not trying to hurry the process at all.


MIKE: Right.


RICK: Because when they´re using those naturals from their agaves, you know the ones from their own environment, then you know it might take a little bit longer to get through the fermentation process. And if they´re adding in some champagne yeast, or something like that, something that´s been more developed, something like that is going to be designed to make the fermentation process maybe more efficient. But, you know, when they´re using just the natural yeasts from their environment, it is really true to the terroir, right?


MIKE: Exactly, exactly. Because the champagne yeast will actually change I think the flavor profile slightly.


RICK: Oh, of course.


MIKE: And I think that that´s –


RICK: You know, the bacteria is going to produce different compounds that are going to behave differently in the distillation process.


MIKE: Well and that´s, and I think we were talking about champagne yeast, we were talking about NOM 1414, which is well, that´s a trademark, as well as the Mozart Method. You know, when they manufactured tequilas at that location.


RICK: Well, and we know they don´t rush the process there. (laughing)


MIKE: No, uh uh. (laughing) And well, if you´re going to play Mozart, what the heck, right?


RICK: Yeah.


MIKE: But again, I can´t wait. Let´s delve into it. What do we know about this repo? Because I think the initial information wasn´t, it wasn´t in the POS but I think the website.


RICK: Well, from the blanco, from the blanco we know that of course, this is a – it´s from the highlands. Highlands agave.


Sipping Off the Cuff | El Consuelo Reposado [Transcript] https://wp.me/p3u1xi-56WMIKE: Right.


RICK: Made at NOM 1570, Altos Cienega Unidos in Atotonilco. The agaves are organic kosher.


MIKE: Cork!


RICK: Yeah. They do their crushing using a roller mill, fermentation in steel vats, open air. Let´s see, their agaves they trim close, so there´s not going to be much of that green penca skin left on there. Masonry ovens, 40% alcohol by volume, so that´s the process on the blanco. Then with the repo, they age in single barrel cognac barrels [Editor’s note: Previous point of sale material was incorrect.  El Consuelo tequila is aged in used Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey barrels] and so you know, each batch I guess, it comes from a single barrel. And it is aged, the repo is aged for 6 months.


MIKE: Yeah it´s very light in color, surprisingly light in color. But for 6 months, you know, and cognac is – there´s a distinct flavor profile with a cognac so, you know.


RICK: Yeah, it´s not going to be what you get from a bourbon barrel or a whiskey barrel. It´s going to have a different profile.


Sipping Off the Cuff | El Consuelo Reposado [Transcript] https://wp.me/p3u1xi-56WMIKE: And I´m using a Riedel glass tonight so we…


RICK: I´ve got the Glencairn.


MIKE: Yeah, you´ve got the Glencairn.


RICK: I think I´m a convert now to the Glencairn.


MIKE: Well, I tell you what – we´ve got something special coming up here shortly. We´re experimenting new glassware specifically for tequila and mezcal, and you´ll see that with RICK and myself on Sipping Off the Cuff here. Hopefully in the next few weeks. You´ll notice because the glasses will be different. And we´re going to put them to our gauntlet here. You know, and probably not to replace glassware, but something just to add to your toolkit, you know?


RICK: Definitely.


MIKE: Well, the colors beautiful. Nice legs and tears.


RICK: Yeah, it´s a light touch on the color.


MIKE: Oh my.


RICK: So I´m getting some fresh agave in there. It´s definitely pepper, maybe more of a white pepper?


MIKE: A little bit. And there´s, you know, it´s a cognac barrel so you will get a little bit of a layered wood on it. But it´s still very reminiscent of the blanco.


RICK: Yeah, not a lot. Like maybe you getting maybe like a little bit of leather?


MIKE: Yeah, well, you know the cognac –


RICK: That would be like a wood note.


MIKE: The tequila´s I´ve had aged in cognac barrels are typically darker than this. And they´re typically, the ones I´ve had are anejos. So there´s a distinct smell and it´s usually…yeah, you´re right it´s like leather or tobacco; you get more of a punchy kind of you know. It´s not the sweet oak and it´s not the bourbon where it´s dry. This is really a bit of a different…


RICK: Well, it´s a light touch. You know, I´ve poured a bit of the blanco here as well, to compare.


MIKE: You –


RICK: You know, it´s a light touch on the barrel; you know, maybe the barrels were chipped out, or light char, or…


MIKE: Yeah, we don´t know much about those barrels, except that it says cognac. So they obviously use cognac barrels. We don´t know how old they are…


RICK: And you know, it´s only – it´s only in there 6 months, so it´s not like they´re pushing the age on the repo.


MIKE: No, and you can tell that It´s in there just enough to soften the edges but not enough to influence too much of the flavor profile.


RICK: Yeah, I think that´s what´s happening.


MIKE: Well, I love the nose, it´s –


RICK: Yeah. I get a little bit of barrel spice, a little bit of leather. But, you know, I´m still getting that you know that kind of green apple and citrus notes that we got in the blanco.


MIKE: It´s pretty, it´s pretty pretty.


Sipping Off the Cuff | El Consuelo Reposado [Transcript] https://wp.me/p3u1xi-56W(both drinking)


MIKE: (growling gurgle noises) Mmm. Mmm.


RICK: Oh, well that´s a beautiful entry.


MIKE: Oh wow. And that pepper explodes right in my mouth.


RICK: Yeah.


MIKE: Just like it did before. and then on the back end on the finish.


RICK: Yep.


MIKE: Wow, nice finish on this one.


RICK: It´s nice.


MIKE: Oh, whoa!


RICK: I think –


MIKE: But see, that to me, is the cognac. To me that finish is a little bit of the cognac influence.


RICK: Yeah?


MIKE: Yeah, I think so. The retronasal´s beautiful though.


RICK: Well, it is – you know that is gorgeous. And you know this? If I were to pour this, you know when I pour this again, I´ll probably pour it in a Riedel.


MIKE: When we do the reposado after we´re through with the repo, when we do the anejo, I´m going to pull out my Glencairn because I just want to play with the anejos typically to see what the darker spirits are like in a Glencairn. And especially in this one.


RICK: Exactly.


MIKE: I don´t have any qualms about this. This thing – you know what I like about this?


RICK: Oh, there´s absolutely no defects in this, at all.


MIKE: No, no.


RICK: There´s no, nothing off, it is beautiful, you know, so it´s just a matter of matching the profile to you. And I think this is certainly a profile I would recommend highly.


MIKE: Now, RICK, maybe you´ll agree with me. Do you think this reposado, for as light as it is, it´s actually bold. This is a bold reposado. I´m really surprised that the flavor profile has this much punch because it doesn´t you know it looks – the looks are deceiving.


RICK: Yea.


MIKE: It looks like they´re not in there long enough to give any kind of a super influence, but it´s really – The explosion of the pepper and then the finish, are bolder. In my opinion, that´s the way it feels. It feels –


RICK: Really?


MIKE:  Yeah. It´s not as aggressive on the intake, so much as on the finish for me. And you know, that´s just me. Maybe I´m reading too much into it.


RICK: Well I think their blanco is a work of art. So to be able to still have so much of that in the repo is fantastic.


MIKE: Mmmhmm.


RICK: And so, I´m still getting a lot of the blanco here, which is a great, and then you know the – The wood is rounding it out a little, it´s rounding out that blanco a little bit.


MIKE: Mmmhmm.


RICK: And it is adding, you know, those barrel aspects. So we´re getting some barrel spice, and we´re getting a little bit of leather on the nose. The fruit…


MIKE: You know, it´s like a bitter chocolate.


RICK: Really?


MIKE: Yeah, but on the flavor.


RICK: Oh yeah, yeah. I´m picking that up.


MIKE: On the pallet.


RICK: Oh, on the pallet?


MIKE: Yeah, on the pallet. Not as –


RICK: I was thinking maybe I was getting like a you know, some dark chocolate on the nose.


Sipping Off the Cuff | El Consuelo Reposado [Transcript] https://wp.me/p3u1xi-56WMIKE: Right.


RICK: Maybe just a…


MIKE: Dark chocolate, bitter chocolate.


RICK: A bit more acidic than –


MIKE: We´re in the same neighborhood (laughing)


RICK: Yeah.


MIKE: It´s that over 65% cacao, you know, I don´t know. (laughing)


RICK: Hmm.


MIKE: It´s not sweet, but it´s a dark chocolate is where I´ll go. Let´s just say that.


RICK: Yeah. The things that – I guess what I – the side of the profile I´m drawn to, is the side that is – you know, you´re picking up on a lot of the wood aspects in the profile, and really enjoying that. What I find I´m still really enjoying is the agave side of the profile. You know, still enjoying that apple, and citrus, and you know I think the fruit in this you know in the repo it feels a bit softer like at some tree fruit rather than like full-on citrus.


MIKE: Right, right, this is really gorgeous.


RICK: But I can totally see what you´re saying with the wood as well.


MIKE: It´s neat how we´re gravitating toward what has – what is drawing us. And it could be the glassware.


RICK: It could be.


MIKE: It could be the glasses are influencing which aromas and flavors we´re drawing from it. Which is the beautiful part about having more than one tool in your toolkit, so…


RICK: Yeah, I know with the – the Glencairn seems to magnify the aromas for me.


MIKE: Yes.


RICK: And I´m just really enjoying that on this because, because there´s fun stuff to explore here. And you know, there´s nothing off putting even low in the background. This is just beautiful.


MIKE: So nicely done, what do you think? Another Brand of Promise?


RICK: Oh, absolutely.


MIKE: Of course! Brand of Promise in the reposado category and this is the organic category, of course. El Consuelo, beautifully done. In fact, I should pull this one out here. That´s the one I´m using. Here! The repo.


RICK: Well, no, that´s the blanco you just had.


MIKE: Well, that´s – here it is.


RICK: (laughing)


MIKE: I´ve got all three of them! You know, I don´t care! I´ve bought them all, you know!


RICK: (laughing) Well, we haven´t gotten to the anejo yet.


MIKE: No, we haven´t.


RICK: We need to research.


MIKE: We haven´t, but we will. Yeah, I pulled the blanco one down, because I have it up on the shelf. I didn´t want to finish it because I knew we were going to do these two later on.


RICK: You need to have reference here.


MIKE: Yeah, this was so well done, though.


RICK: Yeah it is.


MIKE: And again, very light but I would say if, depending on your glassware, whichever glass you´re using, be prepared that one glass may influence whatever nuances you´re getting. In my case, with the Riedel, I was getting more of the wood as opposed to – and you with the Glencairn you were still getting a lot of that fresh blanco that we loved, and that we fell in love with. So…Kudos to these guys. Just another beautiful, beautiful tequila. In the reposado organic category. That´s our take on El Consuelo –


RICK: Wait! What about the… the MSRP on this is $55?


MIKE: Yeah, I think so.


RICK: And you know, I think that is a fair price for it.


MIKE: I do too. I think so too. It´s not one that I would probably mix in a cocktail, especially not at that price. But you don´t have to. You really don´t have to. This is one of these that you really want to spend time with; it´s a true sipping tequila.


RICK: There´s nothing in this that you want to hide.


MIKE: No, not at all. Nuh uh. You don´t even want to float this on anything (laughing). So.. but again, that´s our take on El Consuelo. I´m MIKE Morales here in San Antonio.


RICK: RICK Levy in San Diego.


MIKE: As always watch – subscribe to the Youtube channel, down below, you´ll see either around RICK´s face or my face you´ll see some other video suggestions, but whatever you do, press that red button down there. Subscribe – tell us what you think! If you´ve had it before, if you know you´re a big fan of El Consuelo, or you´re a big fan of organic tequilas in general, let us know. Write down, right on the comments. And as we like to say, in Spanish, tomar sabiamente (sip wisely).


El Consuelo Reposado can be purchased online at $46.99 as of this publishing at http://bit.ly/buyelconsuelo



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Embajador Reposado Tequila Review [Transcript]

See the original video review of Tequila Embajador Reposado here.

Sipping off the Cuff: Embajador Reposado [Transcript] http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4Y5

Alex Perez: Hi there, I’m Alex Perez.

Mike Morales: I am Mike Morales.

Alex Perez: And you are watching Sipping off the Cuff on TequilaAficionado.com and we’re continuing our series.

Mike Morales: Yes in Embajador which in Spanish means Ambassador.  Again it is a family owned brand, fairly new.  I think it is about ready to be picked up in Southern California and it is available in Arizona and parts of Texas.

Alex Perez:  We tasted the Blanco which we were impressed by.

Mike Morales:  Pleasantly surprised. I think that it would be a good Brand of Promise nominee for the Blanco category from us at Tequila Aficionado and now we have got the Reposado.  So what we know about the Reposado is, let me look at my/our notes here.

Alex Perez:  Handy dandy notes.

Mike Morales:  My handy dandy notes from these folks.  A wonderful couple, Andres Garcia and his wife.  Everybody involved in the tequila is family including the folks who are taking care of the social media as well so reach out, say “Hi” to them.  They are very accessible.  This is a premium Reposado and it has rested for eight months in American oak barrels.  So it is an eight month Reposado which means that they are not, this has got a really deep colouring though.  It has like a golden color.

Alex Perez:  It has a nice gold color to it and you saw me earlier sneaking a little smell.  It smells really good.

Mike Morales:  Yeah, we were very pleasantly surprised with the Blanco.  Just for the sake of transparency I have had the Blanco before in champagne flutes and I did not get the notes that I got from using our tools here, our Tequila Glasses.

Alex Perez:  It has got some nice legs, some nice viscosity to the tequila.  And the nose, you got caramel.

Mike Morales:  But you know what though.  You are not losing.  There is agave in there.  You are not losing, it is coming through, yes.  It is very prominent.  Wow, oh yeah, but there is that caramel for sure.

Alex Perez:  There’s other goodies in there.

Mike Morales: The Blanco was spicy, herbal and citrusy so what I got just in the nose itself was the agave citrus notes.

Alex Perez:  There is supposed to be some other, it might be a little bit of banana now.  I don’t know if you get that.

Banana.  Mmm.

Mike Morales:
 Did you taste it already?

Sipping off the Cuff: Embajador Reposado [Transcript] http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4Y5Mike Morales:  Mmm.  (Laughs) Excuse me while I spit.

Alex Perez: Wow, that is a nice Reposado.

Mike Morales:  According to the notes there is vanilla, caramel, maple and coffee.  I didn’t get any coffee but I did get the maple.

Alex Perez:  Definitely the maple.

Mike Morales:  Vanilla for sure and caramel right off the bat actually but what I was really impressed with is that there was still the agavic characteristics that we pointed out in the blanco are still prominent.  I think it is pretty well balanced, don’t you?

Alex Perez: Well balanced and the taste is still lingering in my mouth so it has got a nice long taste to it.  It is very pleasant Reposado.

Mike Morales:  Now, Alex got some banana.

Alex Perez:  I got some banana in the nose.

Mike Morales:  It claims to have…

Alex Perez:  There is something else in there.

Mike Morales: It claims to have cherry, lime.  I got more citrus from it than I got the banana but it was, I recognised it right after that because it was the same bouquet that I got from the Blanco.  There is really good complexity on this tequila.

Alex Perez:  Beautiful nose and the mouth feel is just amazing.

Mike Morales:  Wow here we go.  For those of you aficionados who are a little more advanced and are aware of regions and terroir I would say this is a really good interpretation of the Atotonilco area, Atotonilco micro climate or the highlands.

Alex Perez:  Very nice.

Sipping off the Cuff: Embajador Reposado [Transcript] http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4Y5

Mike Morales:  Yeah it is really beautifully balanced too because if you look at the color sometimes you might think that the barrel might take over but it really does not.

Alex Perez: Got a beautiful nose.  I can taste the vanilla and maple in the mouth.

Mike Morales:  American oak barrels.  I would venture to say at this point and I don’t have verification of this but we have been through the safeties of virgin barrels only because of the colour of the Reposado but I will verify that probably when we do the text, when we do the follow up, which will probably be done by Ryan Kelly who writes a lot of our reviews for us at TequilaAficionado.com but wow again a surprise.  A surprise for me.

Alex Perez:  Definitely a contender.

Mike Morales:  Another Brand of Promise contender for Reposado category. Embajador Tequila you will be able to find it I’m sure in Arizona, hopefully soon in southern California, I know they are working on it at this time we are filming they are working on that and parts of Texas as well so look for it.  It is definitely a great sipping tequila and worth your time and effort to find it.

I am Mike Morales.

Alex Perez:  And Alex Perez.

You are watching “Sipping off the cuff” we are trying Embajadhor Tequila.  It is for us a nominee for Brand a Promise and as always, sip wisely.


Sipping off the Cuff | Embajador Blanco / Transcript

Sipping off the Cuff | Embajador Tequila Reposado

Sipping off the Cuff | Embajador Tequila Anejo

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Amorada Reposado Tequila Review

Sipping Off the Cuff | Amorada Tequila Reposado http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4WTFTC Disclaimer: All samples are received free of charge but no payment is accepted by Tequila Aficionado or its agents for reviews. All reviews are the opinions of those participating in the tasting and positive reviews are never guaranteed.

Amorada Reposado

Rested in French White Oak Barrels for up to eight months. When this Reposado first hits the tongue and palette, vanilla, brown sugar, earth and oak, marry and linger for several seconds. In the moments after, these aromatics give way to an assemblage of intense almond, clove and cinnamon on the nose.

*Amorada Reposado is aged in Cognac barrels for 8 months and finished in Sauterns wine barrels.


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512 Reposado Tequila Review


In Austin, tequila isn’t saved for special occasions. It’s a standard go-to. It’s one of the many things Scott loves about the town he calls home, and why he set out to create a tequila that could be enjoyed anytime.
In Jalisco he found Luis Trejo, master distiller at La Cofradia. Batch by batch, they made their way to the earthy, spicy yet surprisingly smooth tequila we bottle today. The magic moment came when Scott decided to add a third distillation, making the good juice they’d created together just a bit smoother.
Scott’s friends back in Austin loved the results. So did the judges at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, who awarded Tequila 512 Double Gold and Best In Show.
To this day, Scott returns to Jalisco to taste every new batch, ensuring each is as good as the last. Because when it comes to great tequila, taste is the only test that matters.

FTC Disclaimer: All samples are received free of charge but no payment is accepted by Tequila Aficionado or its agents for reviews. All reviews are the opinions of those participating in the tasting and positive reviews are never guaranteed.


Learn all about tequila from field to glass and then get paid to share your love of agave spirits with others! Buy Them Both Now!

Rediscovering Demetrio Tequila

[From September 11 to October 2, 2016, Tequila Aficionado Media, sponsored by 34 expressions representing 21 brands, embarked on a monumental RV road show dubbed, The Heartland Tour.  In these next passages, we recount the historic–and epic–highlights.  *FTC Disclosure: Brands appearing on the Tequila Aficionado Dia de Los Muertos & Heartland Tour had to be vetted as Brand of Promise Nominees and paid a nominal fee to be on the tour.]

Jim of All Trades

Rediscovering Demetrio Tequila http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4x4

Jim Driscoll bubbles with excitement at the anticipation of talking about his newly retooled Demetrio tequila (NOM 1459) expressions.

A self-proclaimed type-A kind of guy, this dynamo has accomplished more than most of us will in our lifetimes–

Professional bull rider, golfer, mountain climber, sky diver, scuba diver, martial artist, (deep breath!)…

A certified small business coach, international speaker, and best selling author, with the dubious distinction of being thrown out of his Toastmasters Club for winning too often!

Jim is now the CEO of Ekeko Wine and Spirits which handles a portfolio of so many stellar award winners that they’re hard to keep track of.

Rediscovering Demetrio Tequila http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4x4

We met up with Jim at Doneraki restaurant in his home town of Houston during Tequila Aficionado’s 2016 Heartland Tour.

Here’s our visit with the irrepressible Jim Driscoll.

 Tequila Wasn’t on The Radar

Jim Driscoll, CEO of Ekeko Wines & Spirits explains how he came across Demetrio tequila.  Jim relays the story of Demetrio, and why it was important to him to partner with the producer of his tequila.

From Farm to Bottle

Jim discusses how he prefers his Demetrio blanco by starting with the estate grown agave and letting the jimadores choose the plants at their perfect ripeness.

In this way, the quality of Demetrio is controlled from farm to bottle.

The Pure Essence 

Jim reveals that the Mozart Method used in fermentation is a standard procedure in the rum industry, and is also applied to Demetrio tequila.

Jim continues to expound on what makes Demetrio different from other brands which includes double distillation, and double filtration, all in small batches.

The Demetrio Skinny Margarita Difference

Jim explains his strategy to corner the Houston Skinny Margarita market using Demetrio’s specific flavor profile.

Demetrio Plays Well with Others

Jim reveals how his master distiller was able to eliminate Demetrio’s original briney notes.

Driscoll then divulges why he pursued the allspice flavor in Demetrio reposado to pair perfectly with Cointreau in a margarita.

Demetrio Issues a Challange!

Jim discloses why Demetrio was resubmitted to Sipping Off The Cuff(c), and issues a challenge to other brands who have restructured their formulations.

The Perfect Marriage of Agave, Vanilla, and Oak

Quoting our founder, Alex Perez, Jim exposes the secrets behind Demetrio añejo.

Driscoll admits that he has the perfect tequilas for any occasion and summarizes the qualities of each of Demetrio’s expressions.

You Don’t Have to be A Rockefeller

Jim shares his philosophy on providing quality wines and spirits at affordable prices.

Rediscovering Demetrio Tequila http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4x4

Driscoll preaches that you don’t have to pay exorbitant prices for fine tequilas, let alone extra añejos.

Then, he introduces Demetrio’s 5 year Extra Añejo for the first time.

Jim stresses that at Ekeko Wine & Spirits, they’re “Committed to bringing you ultra premium products without the ultra premium price.”

Toasting Demetrio’s 5 Year Extra Añejo

Jim Driscoll leads us in a toast to Demetrio’s 5 Year Extra Añejo.

In The Afterglow

Tequila Aficionado’s CMO, Lisa Pietsch, Jim Driscoll and myself are wowed by Demetrio’s Extra Añejo.

Jim concedes that his sample of the Demetrio Extra Añejo is in actuality a 4 year and a few months expression.

Rediscovering Demetrio Tequila http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4x4

He then announces that the 5 year version will be launched on January 7, 2017.

The Future of Demetrio

Jim conveys his plans for Demetrio’s expansion into other markets scheduled in 2017.

[Tweet “Rediscover @TequilaDemetrio for yourself.”]


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Frida Kahlo Reposado Tequila Review

Mike & Alex taste and discuss Frida Kahlo Tequila Reposado.

FTC Disclaimer: All samples are received free of charge but no payment is accepted by Tequila Aficionado or its agents for reviews. All reviews are the opinions of those participating in the tasting and positive reviews are never guaranteed.

Sipping off the Cuff | Frida Kahlo Reposado http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4F7About Frida Kahlo Tequila 

Frida Kahlo Tequila Blanco is naturally fermented up to four days. The agave juices are then double distilled in antique copper stills and bottled un-aged. The result is smooth super-premium tequila that mixes perfectly with your favorite drink.Frida Kahlo Tequila is all-natural. No artificial ingredients are added to accelerate the fermentation process. Hand selected at the peak of maturity, the agave is slowed cooked inside an antique adobe brick oven; then steamed and cooled to remove any bitterness; and finally the agave is pressed to extract only the finest juices for am extra super-premium Tequila.


Learn all about tequila from field to glass and then get paid to share your love of agave spirits with others! Buy Them Both Now!

Muchote Reposado Tequila Review

Rick Levy and Mike Morales melt into gushing fanboys over Muchote Tequila Reposado.

Sipping off the Cuff | Muchote Tequila Reposado http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4AyFrom the Website: 

Muchote Reposado Premium Tequila, is made by Feliciano Vivanco y Asociados, in Los Altos, Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico. The Vivanco family have been agaveros, growing agave for five generations. The Vivanco 800 acre Los Altos farms are known for rich red clay soil that produce a softer/sweeter tequila. This Reposado Tequila is a single estate tequila, made from 100% Weber Blue tequilana agave. The agave piñas are harvested and placed in brick adobe ovens (hornitos) where they are steamed for 24 hours then left to cool for 24 hours. Double distilled for smoothness, fresh agave flavor yet keeping the natural spice. Our traditional, handcrafted and careful process ensures a natural, smooth, and savory tequila. Muchote Tequila is a hand crafted small batch artisan tequila aged in American white oak seasoned whiskey barrels for seven months.

Buy it online ($29.99 as of filming) here. 


Learn all about tequila from field to glass and then get paid to share your love of agave spirits with others! Buy Them Both Now!

Giggling Marlin Reposado Tequila Review

Find Giggling Marlin Online


  • The oldest and original bar in Cabo San Lucas.
  • The title “World Famous” is justified from the global activity and clientele that Cabo San Lucas see’s as it is known as a destination hot spot for vacationers.
  • Patrons from all over the world have been in the bar and have already reached out to us inquiring about the products availability.
  • We just celebrated our 30th Anniversary in Cabo San Lucas (2014) so longevity is not a question in regards to our business practices.
  • We have spent numerous years searching for the best tasting, smoothest finishing product.
  • We know the area, we call it home, and we have built relationships in Mexico that are irreplaceable!
  • We want to supply a product that will have people asking for more and we feel we have that with Giggling Marlin Tequila.


Learn all about tequila from field to glass and then get paid to share your love of agave spirits with others! Buy Them Both Now!