Tequila: The Super Food, By Kate Lundgren

Tequila is a Super Food?

IMG_0338I would bet to say that you have, are, or have thought about getting healthy. Starting to work out, becoming more active, and maybe avoiding going out with friends due to the extreme calories that are there to temp you. You may think that your options are limited to beer, wine, and the occasional mixed drink.


Beer has 154 calories on average and whiskey itself still has 70 calories before you add anything to it. If you went out and had 3 beers and 3 whiskeys, you would have to burn off an extra 672 calories. You would have to do burpees for more than 1.5 hours to burn that off – or run for an hour. As a woman striving to gain a decent body and still have calories for the food I love (tacos) it’s just not worth it. But take a peek at this, a tequila on the rocks has just 64 calories! Counting calories may not be fun (I would know) but drinking tequila is. What’s that? How is tequila a super food? I’d be glad to tell you!

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Tequila will not give you a hangover

manana-tequilaYes, you read that right! Tequila will treat you the way you treat it. Slamming it back shot after shot? That dog will bite back and hard. Try instead ordering what is considered “top shelf” here in America on the rocks. Not only does it taste delicious but you look super sophisticated doing it. That’s not enough for you to ask for tequila? How about all of the great health benefits of this nectar of the gods?! Experts say a shot after a big dinner with some water can help aid digestion. Studies have shown that tequila can break down dietary fat, which can indeed help lower LDL levels, the bad cholesterol. In addition, tequila can help alleviate tension and headaches. In moderation of course, don’t go slamming shots to relieve a headache (see above).

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Tequila also has been linked with weight loss

la cremaYes, it’s true. A recent study conducted at the American Chemical Society has blessed us with this amazing information. Here’s how it breaks down; agavina, a sugar that comes from the agave plant used to produce tequila, triggered insulin production and lowered blood sugar in an experiment conducted with mice. In addition to these astonishing results, the sweetener also helped the overweight mice drops some hefty pounds. And agavins aren’t absorbed by the body so they won’t increase blood glucose.

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How about the common cold?

A snifter of 7 Leguas tequila.
A snifter of 7 Leguas tequila.

Sure, you could take cold medicine and maybe even some zinc but that’s no fun. In the 1930’s doctors in Mexico suggested a familiar concoction to fight off the common cold; tequila, lime juice, and agave nectar. Basically doctors said that drinking a margarita would help fight off a cold. Count me in. Adding in the “cure” of the common cold, tequila can help reduce pain you may be feeling. I know what you’re thinking, ha ha drink the pain away. Please do. Tequila has been proven to dilate the blood vessels, which results in better blood flow, minimizing pain levels. It may also cure any emotional pain you may have but that doesn’t have any base in science.

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How about delivering drugs to your system?

Dulce_VidaLet me explain, OK, so basically when drugs are taken, the acid in your stomach typically breaks them down before they can even hit your intestines. Why is this a problem? Because it decreases the drug’s effectiveness. Tequila serves as a protective barrier of these drugs as they work their way into your system. Researchers at Mexico’s University of Guadalajara claim that blue agave found in tequila helps deliver drugs to the colon, which helps to treat illnesses such as Crohn’s disease, colitis, IBS and even cancer. Now I know that many drugs aren’t supposed to be taken with alcohol, and I am not encouraging you to do so, but look at the science.

If you ask me, tequila is the greatest of all super foods.

blancoI can think of no other thing that you can digest that does ALL of this for you. Plus, I’ve never heard a great night out story that starts with kale and green juice. I stopped drinking beer because I always felt bloated. I stopped drinking rum because I was ingesting WAY too much sugar between it and the mixer. I started drinking tequila because it’s good and good for you. My advice? Drink tequila.

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