Women In The Tequila Industry: Elle France

From Babes to Boss Ladies: Women In The Tequila Industry: Elle France and Tanya Tucker https://amzn.to/2xAnHq2


Elle France, the creative mind behind Cosa Salvaje tequila, has spent the better part of her entrepreneurial  life bringing people together.

As a much sought after matchmaker, dating columnist and consultant, Elle is now making it her mission to help folks from all walks of life to fall in love with tequila, all over again.

France designed Cosa Salvaje (Wild Thing, in English) to be a flavorful, ultra-premium sipping tequila.

The liquid is encased in an attractive leather-laden bottle surrounded by enticing and seductive photos that demand attention from both sexes.

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Elle’s vision in conceiving Cosa Salvaje was to promote a sense of nostalgia and excitement among tequila drinkers ready for a new experience.

A partnership with country music legend Tanya Tucker in mid-March 2019, ensures that Elle France and Cosa Salvaje will continue to bring even more people together to the pleasures of sipping tequila.

We welcome Elle France to our gallery of Tequila Boss Ladies with her answers to our short questionnaire.


TA:  How would you describe your experiences as a woman in a primarily male dominated industry?  (What are the challenges you face when dealing with the male dominated Tequila?)

EF:  It is definitely a man’s world, but for me that is where I am my best.  I never approached this from a woman’s point of view, just from a passion.  I work well with men, and I am eager to learn from them.  I feel like Tequila is made for a woman, the smell, the taste…… To me is very feminine and Sexy!

From Babes to Boss Ladies: Women In The Tequila Industry: Elle France and Tanya Tucker https://amzn.to/2xAnHq2

Not knowing anyone in the tequila industry and taking a leap of faith, from a girl who just loves to drink tequila.

My experiences with Mexico and the men, has been nothing but positive and inspiring.  Like everything in life, if you work hard, stay true to your vision you will eventually break through.  The people that I’ve met that have helped make this happen in Mexico which has now become family, have made this one of my most exciting adventures I have ever been on.

TA:  How have you been able to change things within the Tequila Industry?

EF:  I am not sure I am there yet on changing things, more how the Tequila world has changed me. I do think that I am opening the doors for future entrepreneurs and showing them that it can be done. I am still on the cusp of this learning process myself. I am excited about the opportunity and to see where I can go.

TA:  What do you see as the future of women working within the Tequila Industry?

EF:  I see the future for woman in the tequila industry as positive. I think woman have a good grasp on passion, building relationships and the true beauty of the creation of tequila.

TA:  Do you approve of how Tequila brands are currently marketing themselves?


EF:  Yes I love how the tequila industry is now marketing themselves. I think people are now starting to see whet Tequila is all about. Most people had a certain perception about Tequila, not really even knowing all the different tastes that it can have. Social media has made the world much more aware about the creation, the dedication and the passion in making Tequila.

TA:  Is there anything you’d like to say to women who may be contemplating entering and working in the Tequila Industry in one form or another?

EF:  I think woman in general should not hold back, if you fall in love with your passion it will lead you to a great view of life.  Stay humble!

My ambition was to make sure that even non-tequila drinkers would enjoy it. I wanted to create a sipping tequila. My hope for people is to enjoy the passion and appreciate our hard work in producing a tequila that you needn’t mix it with anything. I was driven to harvest & create authentic tequila while emitting a lifestyle, which exceeds all other Ultra-Premium Tequilas.

My Vision with Cosa Salvaje is to bring people together with music, laughter, dancing (my favorite), good friends and a true love for tequila. My goal for people, when they see and touch Cosa Salvaje, is to have it immediately take them to that happy place where they want to be. As though you hear a song that your mind and body touches those memories, which recalls a special life’s moment. A recollection that provokes an instant high!

My partnership with Tanya Tucker I am very excited about. Tanya has a true love for Cosa Salvaje and will bring excitement to the brand!


From Babes to Boss Ladies: Women In The Tequila Industry: Elle France and Tanya Tucker https://amzn.to/2xAnHq2

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