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About The Education of Tequila Drinkers

As with any education, we understand that not everyone gets it completely correct the first time out.  Every tequila aficionado has experienced a learning curve.  If you’re new to tequila, understand that it is a complex spirit and takes time and experience to fully appreciate.  If you’re a long-time aficionado, be patient with those who are new to tequila and answer their questions as best you can so that someday, they too can enjoy tequila as much as you do.


The Education of a Tequila Drinker in Canterbury, England


the demon gin, blog, humor, england, sinead hannaSinead Hanna, owner of The Demon Gin blog, wrote a great story about her education as a tequila drinker and attending her very first tequila tasting.  Sinead is from Canterbury, England, and has a dry sense of humor with a warm finish that we really enjoyed.  We hope you will too.

Tequila Tasting I Will Go 

An email arrives in my folder. It reads: “You have won a place at our exclusive members’ only tequila tasting event at Club Burrito.”
I stare at the screen for a long time.
I can’t imagine this is a random coincidence, given me penchant for blogging about local things and supporting local businesses.
But seriously…free booze? For ME? This is like asking The Joker to watch your massive pile of weapons and maps to Batman’s house while you nip to the toilet.  Read the rest of her adventure here.

Be sure to check her out online too: Website – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram


The Education of a Tequila Drinker in Toronto, Canada


agave girl, toronto, natali martinez, tequila, tequila bar, roposado barNatali Martinez of Toronto, Canada, has embarked on her own tequila education and is documenting it in her Agave Girl blog.

In this blog, she tells us about her visit and some of the things she learned at Reposado Bar in Toronto.

Tequila Hotspot: Reposado Bar

Reposado Bar was one of the inspirations for me to start my blog. It’s stylish, cozy, popular and absolutely stacked with a wonderful variation of tequilas.

It’s been proclaimed as one of Toronto’s Favourite Bars, by citizens and critics alike, so you can imagine my pleasure and excitement at the chance to spend some time hanging out at the bar and talk shop with Reposado’s co-owner & tequila connoisseur, Sandy MacFadyen.  Read more here.

Be sure to check her out online too: WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagram


Look for our upcoming tequila tasting with tequila virgin turned aficionado, bestselling author Saranna DeWylde, coming soon! 



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