DIY With Empty Tequila Bottles

Recycle or Upcycle?

hummingbird feederwind chimeIf you’re anything like us, you’ve got a ridiculous collection of empty tequila bottles that you just don’t want to throw away.  Either the tequila was so delightful, you shared it with friends on a special occasion, the bottles are too beautiful or you just want a library of the tequilas you’ve enjoyed.  Whatever your reason for not wanting to part with your empty tequila bottles, eventually you come up against the age old question “Where do I put them all?”


Well, thanks to Jessica sharing a great hummingbird feeder idea on her blog, Jessica’s Mexico, we’ve put together a Pinterest Board of that and several other projects and kits from around the web that can be put to use with some of your favorite tequila bottles for some creative upcycling.

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Creative Upcycling of Tequila Bottles

wet_6soap dispenserHere are just a few examples of the great Do-It-Yourself projects that we’ve pinned.  Click on any of the images to visit the board and see all of them.

Some bottles are so beautiful, you want to see them every day.  So why not make a soap dispenser for the bathroom?  A Whispering Eye Tequila bottle would make a lovely addition to any ladies bath.

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Tequila Bottle Lighting


oil lamps
How about an oil lamp kit for some romantic dining?
Simple votives
A simple way to create votive holders for patio lighting.


hanging lamps
Any size or shape can be used for hanging lamps. Pick your favorites and mix them up!


line of lights
For some fantastic lighting behind a bar, try a row of hanging tequila bottle lamps.

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christmas tree
For the best Christmas of all, find someone handy with metals and create this festive bottle Christmas tree frame.


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