Mexican Moonshine Tequila Familia

Award winning Mexican Moonshine añejo.
Award winning Mexican Moonshine añejo.

Here at Tequila Aficionado, we’re huge fans of Roger Clyne’s Mexican Moonshine.  This particular brand is a proud winner of our own Brands of Promise Awards, as well as many others.  Yesterday they launched a special campaign in order to launch their Extra Anejo expression and we want you to get your shot at having a bottle of what promises to be a special sipper.

Roger Clyne’s Mexican Moonshine Tequila Familia

Roger Clyne’s Mexican Moonshine Tequila invites you to join our Tequila Familia.  In this IndieGoGo fundraising project, you and any music/tequila/fun enthusiasts are invited to become a part of our “Mexican Moonshine Tequila Familia” as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Refreshment’s, “Fizzy Fuzzy, Big & Buzzy” album in 2016.  This campaign includes extremely limited offerings that are sure to disappear quickly, so please read on for more details.  Join us in giving Mexican Moonshine Tequila the opportunity to reach more fans in more places more often.

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Available ONLY through this IndieGoGo campaign, we will be proudly offering the first-run of Mexican Moonshine Tequila’s Ultra Añejo in a limited edition Fizzy Fuzzy artisan bottle.  This commemorative ceramic bottle will be the first in a series of collectable, small batch, Mexican Moonshine Ultra Añejo Tequilas.  Each release will have it’s own unique bottle graphic design.

You’ve asked for greater availability of Mexican Moonshine and we’re listening!  This fundraising campaign will provide the necessary capital to support our craft tequila brand’s momentum and growth.  With your help, we can bring Mexican Moonshine Tequila to more fans, in more places more often!


By participating in this campaign, you will become a founding, Original Member of our Tequila Familia.  Familia members will receive early announcements to opportunities for tickets to Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers and Mexican Moonshine Tequila events, discounts at Peacetime Goods, unique logo apparel and other fun surprises.

reidelMexican Moonshine Tequila has received many notable awards and honors from the spirits industry and is internationally recognized as a brand of excellence, integrity and promise. Although it is our labor of love, the tequila business is highly competitive. We often find our craft tequila is not afforded the same access or opportunity to share our spirit as many of the other larger, well-capitalized tequila brands.  This fundraising project is an effort to connect Mexican Moonshine Tequila with the RCPM’s community-based audience and utilize its enthusiasm to raise awareness and much-needed capital in order to help us expand its availability.

Longtime fans of the band know that Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers were born from the ashes of The Refreshments, the Arizona rock band that pre-figured the Americana sound.

We at Mexican Moonshine Tequila are offering several creative, unique and exclusive opportunities for the band, our tequila, and our audience to come together and share the fun in this fundraising experience.  Please check out the many different levels of participation available.  We welcome all help, whether it be in the form of a financial contribution or your active advocacy in this cause.  Thank you, Tequila Familia, for doing this together and we are excited to share our Spirit with you soon!

To receive your limited edition bottle of the first release of Mexican Moonshine Ultra Añejo Tequila with some of the smoothest, most delicious tequila ever made, you need to join our Tequila Familia.  Aged in recycled Kentucky bourbon barrels for more than 2 years, our Ultra Añejo is sure to fill your heart and your cup with the glow of the Moonshine!  We have designed the commemorative bottle in the same size and shape as our glass bottles, with the beautiful Fizzy Fuzzy graphics baked right onto the ceramic.  This collector’s bottle of Ultra Añejo is ONLY available through the Mexican Moonshine Tequila Familia Membership.  You can choose from different levels of membership and the coordinating incentives, or perks, will be sent to you.

Our distillery also leads commerce with conscience by taking the extra step to clean the effluent from the distillation and filtration process into clean water and compostable solids.  Click the link below to see a video tour of our distillery.

 Fabrica de Los Finos Distillery

  • Join the Mexican Moonshine Tequila Familia as an Original Member
  • Enjoy the finest sipping tequila, hand-crafted in small batches
  • Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Fizzy Fuzzy Big and Buzzy
  • Enjoy exclusive perks – see below
  • Your gift of the Ultra Añejo will be sent out in mid 2016

Click here to join the Mexican Moonshine Tequila Familia while you can!


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