Armero Tequila Week Preview

Armero Tequila Seven expressions? What can this mean? What evil magic is at work here?! It can be overwhelming to see so many expressions of one tequila and, truth be told, we were a bit overwhelmed when we unpacked the samples of Armero Tequila. But we’re always ready for a tequila related challenge and have … Read more

Last Tequila Standing – A Groundbreaking Tequila Reality Show

  A Tequila Reality Show? In 2011, a group of television professionals sought to create the first tequila reality show.  They called upon the industry expertise of then journalist and Editor at Tequila Aficionado, Mike Morales.  When production began, just under 20 tequila start ups vied to be crowned the Last Tequila Standing in the world’s … Read more