Open Bar | Romeo Hristov of Chisolm Trail Crafts Glasses

Artisinal Glasses Made for Artisinal Spirits

Mike Morales interviews Romeo Hristov of Chisolm Trail Crafts Glasses, makers of fine tequila glassware, on this episode of Tequila Aficionado’s Open Bar.



Chisolm Trail Crafts:


Open Bar | Romeo Hristov of Chisolm Trail Crafts Glasses

      Chisholm Trail Crafts’ Glasses (CTC Glasses) is a small Texas company specializing in fine hand-crafted tequila and mezcal glasses. Our glassware offers an unrivaled blend of functionality, beauty, and the artistic legacy of Mexico, the birthplace of the agave spirits.
      The signature line of CTC Glasses is engraved with the “Pepita” [Small Seed] technique. Much like the tequila, the “Pepita engraving is a unique Mexican craft that originated in the sixteenth century as an amalgam of European and Pre-Columbian skills and ingenuity. Every one of the featured “Pepita designs is a gleaming work of art, hand-cut by the world-renowned Mexican artist José Cruz Guillén.
      In addition to hand-cut snifters we carry a range of the venerable Mexican Jarritos” [Small Jars] for mezcal and tequila. These centuries-old drinking vessels unfold the flavors of the agave distillates as well as any customary snifter, while enhancing the sensorial experience with a touch of tradition and artisanal mastery.


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Introduction to Tequila Glassware

Mike Morales and Alexander Perez of Tequila Aficionado introduce us to a variety of Tequila Glassware styles and how they can be used to enjoy your tequilas and mezcals to the fullest.

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For more information on Tequila Glassware and how to properly enjoy your tequila or mezcal to the fullest, watch our Blab with Martin Duffy of Glencairn Glass.

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When we tried Embajador Tequila Anejo, a tequila we’ve been enjoying for years, in the Reidel Tequila Glass, we discovered amazing new nuances and aromas on the nose and the tasting experience was even better.  We highly recommend you try the Glencairn Whisky Glass with your favorite anejo and put it to the test!

Connect With Glencairn

About The Glencairn Whisky Glass

The Glencairn Whisky Glass is a revolutionary whisky glass that really lets one savor the taste and complexity of fine whisky. These are great to use for any of your Single Malt Whisky’s, Irish Whiskey’s, and also your single barrel bourbons. With the tapered mouth, you are able to really smell all of the nuances the whisky has to offer. Any malt advocate will love this glass!

History Of The Glass:
Champagne, Brandy, Wine… each has its own glass. Yet whisky, the worlds most complex spirit can be found served in anything from hiball tumblers to Paris goblets.

In 2001 Glencairn Crystal solved the problem of identifying the ideal glass for whisky. Designed by Raymond Davidson nearly 25 years earlier, its development involved pulling together the master blenders from the five largest whisky companies and asking them to perfect his initial design.

Today the Glencairn Glass can be found at every distillery in Scotland, Ireland, Wales as well as most in the USA.


Learn all about tequila from field to glass and then get paid to share your love of agave spirits with others! Buy Them Both Now!