America’s Premier Tequila Journalist, Mike Morales, Uncorks Revealing New Blogsite

mike moralesBy Alexander Perez | 02.25.12
“For the past ten years,” declares Mike Morales, “I’ve been writing about tequila–just tequila.  But,” he adds quickly, “I don’t write tequila 101s, reviews or tasting notes.”Referred to as everything from a tequila “wiki” to a tequila “national treasure,” Mike Morales has written and blogged for such prestigious websites as–with traffic in sixty-four countries–and 2011’s wildly popular Tequila Appreciation project for Media Planet, distributed by USA Today to 1.4 million households.As an “agave activist,” Morales is responsible for the controversial report “Vinazas:  The Corpse of the Spirit of Mexico” that takes a shocking look at wastewater pollution caused by mass produced tequila.

Morales is also an outspoken advocate against special interest groups’ attempts to trademark the word “agave” with the Mexican NOM 186 that would harm biodiversity and take away the livelihood of small-batch mezcal producers who have been using other types of agave for generations.

Currently, he is Associate Producer and judge on the first televised tequila reality show, “Last Tequila Standing,” showcasing small-batched, handcrafted, micro-distilled and certified organic tequilas to over 60 million viewers in both the US and Mexico.

Contributing consistently all across the Web on a variety of other sites, magazines and platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, is surprisingly Morales’ very first personal blog.

“Defining a blanco, reposado, añejo and extra añejo tequila over and over again gets boring.  What really turns me on,” continues Morales, “are the stories behind the labels.”

Mike Morales plans for to include not just new material, but also classic collections of his earlier blogs and articles from all over the Internet.

“I have always felt that it was my responsibility to help consumers see beyond the marketing, the hype and the slew of deliberate misinformation bandied about like gospel verses, to get to the truth,” asserts Morales.

“You can count on me to continue to do that on”


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