Tattoo Anejo Tequila Review

Tattoo Anejo Tequila Review

With Mike Morales and Rick Levy

Publisher’s Note: Ai doesn’t quite understand tequila and agave spirits. Sadly, it will never taste them and, as yet, it’s ability to grasp English, Spanish, and the specialized language of agave spirit distillation is somewhat limited. But we welcome you to enjoy Ai’s attempt to transcribe this video and hope you’ll find a funny transcription worth mentioning in the comments below.

Mike Morales 

Hi folks you are watching and listening to sipping off the cuff on tequila aficionado media on all of our channels and networks on Mike Morales your friendly neighborhood got that or that you’re in Southern California here in the San Gabriel Valley. That guy out there is

Rick Levy 

Rick levy your friendly neighborhood cat a dork also in Southern California.

Mike Morales 

Yes, I’m rocking my city locks cat I have. I just got it today right before we came on online. And I have to I have to show it off because it’s beautifully done. Very well done anyway. I might just post that on Instagram like everybody else has. Today, Rick and I have a wonderful chance to taste and dissect this. So far. We fell in love with the repple silo. This is tattoo to Kima and this is the annual it is organic. Organic certified. Oh check that out with that.

Rick Levy 

red accents on the metal medallion that’s embedded in the woods stopper.

Mike Morales 

Yep. We just broke the seal off of these. They’ve been sitting on my living room floor for like weeks, probably a couple of months. Because when we got this delivered to us it was after our cut off for for our 2021 brands with promise. So I

Rick Levy 

mind spin sitting on a shelf for three months. Yeah, I just took the plastic

Mike Morales 

off. Yeah, we just had to dust this off. So you know, you know, we were

Rick Levy 

we were blown away by the organic Repko that comes out of 14 ad which always seems to dazzle us. And you know, it’s right there in a mighty time. And they produce a lot of organics. And they’re just they’re just firing on all cylinders, man, they’re doing everything right. I just got Oh, you opened it and smelled it? Yeah, I’m gonna melt I really think I’m gonna stick my nose in here because just the ripple I was getting those warm tingles down my spine like, like I had just returned home after being away for 10 years. It was that kind of comfort.

Mike Morales 

Well, you know, to be fair, Rick’s been on the bench. He’s had some remodeling and his home. And this is February when we’re recording this and you’re probably won’t see it till April. You know, I haven’t I really haven’t spoken to Rick since like before the holidays.

Rick Levy 

I think I may have done my last tasting in October. Yeah,

Mike Morales 

yeah. Something like that. And I think it was cabal which also ironically, or coincidentally come comes out of 1480 So we’re thankfully

Rick Levy 

Mike tends to have all the 1480s Come to me. Yes guys. Although being on the bench I missed one or two. Did you find it?

Mike Morales 

Yeah, you know what? There’s plenty for there’s enough for everybody. That’s why we have we have we have a tasting team a tasting squad. I’m always so grateful to you guys. Oh come to the island. Yeah, I know that all everybody smiles everybody’s fine. Nobody nobody’s gonna kiss it represents you in a fantasy your fantasy island person Okay, again, I’m I’m shocked looking.

Rick Levy 

Oh my god.

Mike Morales 

I Yeah. See? Am I the only one I first of all we the Reconciler. We have no idea where I don’t have any information. The deck that they sent us did not tell us how long it’s been rested.

Rick Levy 

That is so light. Now such a white.

Mike Morales 

And so we know that as it’s

Rick Levy 

like a Carlos Camarena barrel type

Mike Morales 

comedy in a barrel life. Yeah, Felipe

Rick Levy 

Camarena. You know, it’s just so light. It in the Repco we had these amazing layers of barrel notes in addition to the agave. I’m wondering, you know if if it’s gonna like color, I’m expecting incredible barrel notes in this in Yamo. But with such a light color, maybe we’ll still get a lot of that that Agave forward character with them. Yeah,

Mike Morales 

well, you know, I read the information from their from their marketing deck on the repple silo and they did say that last testimonial.

Rick Levy 

I need a moment to myself.

Mike Morales 

Shall we shall we?

Rick Levy 

Let’s pause so I can have a moment alone with this.

Mike Morales 

Well, we had to pause it when you choke the other day. He’s gonna melt I’m gonna have to pause the camera again, folks. I’m sorry. Rick gets really emotional. You know when he when he when he

Rick Levy 

never is Have a visceral reaction to tequilas. Oh, and this is

Mike Morales 

a good one. Oh my god. I know what that combination of the wood notes is. And the agave but you know what it is it’s sometimes you and I from tequila swirl mighty time we get that liquid that anus and bloco that’s what that what’s in here. It’s blending in with the with notes. And it’s coming up like it’s this lovely combination of anise and wood notes. And it’s creating something different. It’s like a whole other aroma. I I can’t place

Rick Levy 

Yeah, no, you’re absolutely right. Oh, yeah, that Ns is just doing amazing stuff with a with a other barrel nuts.

Mike Morales 

Oh, my goodness. I don’t know how long this is being aged.

Rick Levy 

Incredible. I’m getting dried fruits in here.

Mike Morales 

Yeah, it’s got a bit more depth more almost reacts, like it’s been resting in the barrel much longer than it actually looks. You know, to be an unusual one to three years. So this could be you know, 24 months? It could be I don’t know, I don’t know. We know it’s over a year, because it’s fairly light. I mean, if you don’t believe us, I mean, look at look at how like this. Yeah. That’s, that’s almost as light as the reposado. And yet, we know character.

Rick Levy 

And we’ve had repose more than twice as darkness.

Mike Morales 

Oh, yeah. Yeah, you know, years back, right. Because, you know, we’re, we’re still, we’re still, you know, on the downhill slope of a pandemic, there’s still an annual shortage. A lot of people said that there was going to that was going to go into the Reconciler category. We found out last year that some of the trends that we saw was that they were doing wonderful things with rebel silos, making them almost blending barrels and making you know, blending them with extra and yellows and giving the reposado way more character to emulate and yeah, hope because nobody had an idea who was in some mode a lot of distilleries did not have a reserve of on yellows because people people drank in 2020 people drank really well because he couldn’t and now we’re feeling that that effect as well but this however long they’re resting it it’s perfect Shall we dive in sir oh please okay so oh my god oh oh. Residual Anis on the back end of the pallet along with the witness at the top wow, I want to Blonko we can get a blood LiveCode MAN Yeah, they only sent us a report on the whole we didn’t get a Blonko so I’ve got a bone to pick with

Rick Levy 

the pepper spice and anus together.

Mike Morales 

Yeah. Great. And I didn’t detect any Anacin follow it was was really barrel forward. You know, we got Agave on the nose of course, of course. Because there’s nothing I don’t think they’re they’re using anything less than six year old god is and if you follow them on Instagram, take a look at lesson Medicus or anybody else that has or just has them as their distillery they have five year old a goddess that are enormous, enormous. Okay, and that’s unheard of. There’s very few growers that can grow them like that. Okay. But this one the the the

Rick Levy 

well they have a they have a knock of arrow that goes out to alien and whisper sweet nothings into the pink tennis right?

Mike Morales 

I’m telling you they they whatever the it’s this is it’s it’s very it’s it’s black magic what they’re doing

Rick Levy 

with those Agave is know that their love to their 14 at

Mike Morales 

huh oh, this is a symphony. Sweet whiskey notes. Long, long finish. Yeah. It keeps evolving and your glass repple solid did the same thing. Folks, if you don’t spend time with this tequila, you’re you’re you’re doing your yourself a disservice.

Rick Levy 

I had to go back and check out the repo.

Mike Morales 

You didn’t detect any anesthesia on that? Rep. Well, I didn’t. I didn’t not not to the depth that I’m getting here,

Rick Levy 

right. Yeah, well, this comes across well, not as sweet as the Ripa was, you know, with those barrel notes, okay. So we’re a bit drier, the, the

Mike Morales 

sweetness is different.

Rick Levy 

It’s more like the dried fruit kind of thing. Whereas with the reposado because getting those kind of creamy buttery butterscotch kind of

Mike Morales 

notes. Yeah, yeah, the depth on this nose and the flavor. There’s this is there’s depth. It really is more complex than boulder. I think at first intake just you know, and I think also the white pepper and the barrel notes I think they also create that little bit of the summit cinnamon heat at mid palate, but it’s not it’s not overpowering. He’s just kind of it’s it’s how shall I say it? Because we’ve had we’ve had some hot cinnamon you know from from barrel notes that were the pepper turns into hot cinnamon because it’s been Ah, this one is a nice play on both you get the pepper and the sentiment together. It’s not one doesn’t overpower the other. And that’s what I’m trying to say. Wow, that’s just gorgeous. What a nose on this thing. Yeah, huh. Oh my goodness. Hmm. Lot of engineers. Oh my god. Wow. Wow. Yeah. Random promised nominee. And that organic and yellow category. This is do we have a price point on this thing?

Rick Levy 

I don’t, I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. I wonder in in San Diego Old Town tequila has the Bronco for 40.

Mike Morales 

So you think this is probably a 60 $65? Bottle?

Rick Levy 

That’s probably where I’d start.

Mike Morales 

Yeah, yeah. And worth every penny. I wouldn’t hesitate to to pay that much for this quality. This is a quality tequila. All right. Yeah, it’s been around. I will say it’s a legacy brand. Because I know for a fact it’s been around for at least eight years. I told the story on the ripple solid review where they when I reached out to them like eight years ago. They sent me all the tchotchkes you know, a salt river shot, I shot glass shot glasses, t shirt bar mat, all the really cool stuff that never got the juice. I kept looking. I kept pulling out all the all the tchotchkes out of the box and go where the hell is that juice, no juice, nothing. And then and then when I tried to reach back to the person Mark contact person, email boughs, so I couldn’t get ahold of anybody. And I’m gonna chase and I’m gonna chasing this down ever since.

Rick Levy 

Well, good on. You’re forgetting a man.

Mike Morales 

Highly, highly underrated, highly underrated. If you found this, folks pick it up. It’s a gem. It’s a habit. Yeah. Grab it grab all you can. I will I hopefully, I’ll be able to get the CEO that calls himself tequila, John. I can’t offhand I can’t remember his first name. I didn’t pull up his email when he when he reached out to me. But I will. And I will I will try to get him on open bar. And maybe Rick, you can sit in on that with me like you do with Juan De Leon. Open bar has been going crazy. People love the I’ve had some wonderful, great conversations on open bar. really memorable.

Rick Levy 

As it’s fantastic to hear the stories directly from the makers. Yeah, you can’t you

Mike Morales 

can’t you can’t beat that. No, no, I mean, and who else is letting you tell your story? You know, this, that’s what open bar was about. It was about you know, it always been about nobody can tell your story better than you can. And that’s and I’m gonna I’m gonna find tequila, John is it even exists anymore. And it’s not the reality show on I never, you know, I almost had one. But I’ve never heard of that one. But hey, you know what, if you folks are watching us or listening to us on Spotify, and you’ve had it, send us an email, shoot us a comment, whatever. Let us know what you’re doing with it, how much you’re paying for it, how long you’ve been drinking it? What you know about it because other than the information they sent us there’s not a whole a lot and and apparently in Southern California, I know they had, they had nationwide distribution at their strength at their height. And if if Zach doesn’t have his Z tequila does not have it. It’s it’s getting scarce, in my opinion, or so you may want to pick it up because I’m not sure what’s going on with the brand I will find out. But for us, finally brand promise nominee, I think in that legacy category, it’s beautiful. So let us know what you’re doing with it. Leave us a comment. Please subscribe to us. Follow us on Instagram and all of our other platforms Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, we’re on there too. Except for Rick. He’s not on Pinterest. You shouldn’t

Rick Levy 

be not on any social media.

Mike Morales 

Yeah, he’s slow Instagram. But I don’t think you’d do anything with that either. But that’s okay. Because you know, he’s, he’s just has a moment to himself. He’s gonna, after we’re done, we’re just gonna go into the corner. And and you know, and just and just smile.

Rick Levy 

I’m gonna take these bottles with me and go find a corner somewhere and curl up and

Mike Morales 

curl up in the fetal position. So folks, if you’re curling up in the fetal position, tell us how and where. And I’m Mike Morales and in the San Gabriel Valley that guy out there is

Rick Levy 

Rick levy down in San Diego County.

Mike Morales 

You’ve been watching and listening to something off the cuff I tequila aficionado media follow us on all our our platforms and whatever you do. So my Savia main theme, sip wisely.

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Great Festival Chase Tour FAQs #GreatFestChase

Great Festival Chase Tour FAQs #GreatFestChase does The Great Festival Chase start?

Our tour begins on National Tequila Day, July 24th, as we depart from Texas and make our way to Mammoth Lakes, California.  It’s a 1600 mile drive just to get to our starting point and our driver (Lisa) needs breaks.


Can I still get in on this tour?

YES!  We need to depart Texas earlier this year in order to make it to the Mammoth Margarita Festival in Early August, but you still have time to get on board.

The tour information page & pricing is available here:

If you’re interested in a lot more exposure to get your brand on the tip of every agave spirit lover’s tongue, Brands of Promise Nominees from this year, and any previous years, are also qualified for our Influencer Marketing Package (which includes the 2018 Tour). Details can be found here:


How long do I have to decide?

If you choose to tour with us, we will need to know by June 15 and receive payment and 2 bottles of each expression by July 1.


How much does the tour cost?

The total cost to you for each expression that you would like to go on this tour is only $500.


Great Festival Chase Tour FAQs #GreatFestChase else do I get as a sponsor?

In addition to exposure at these shows, sponsors will receive a ridiculous amount of social media posts on behalf of Tequila Aficionado, on all of our social networks, to promote their brands. You can find the complete list of posts and items that we will be providing to all of our sponsor brands – for each expression – at


Are you pouring at all of these shows?

No.  We will only be pouring at the El Cholo event.  If we were pouring at each event, we’d need to carry a lot more booze and our RV just isn’t that big.


Will I get exposure at all of these shows?

In early August the first stop on our tour will be the Mammoth Margarita Festival. While we aren’t pouring there, we will be auditioning tasters for Tequila Aficionado and using sponsor brands for those tastings.

Our next stop will be in Monterey where we will do a series of interviews at the Monterey Bay Tequila and Cuisine event. Sponsor brands will get exposure there by product placement in the videos.

Lastly, we will finish the tour at El Cholo in Pasadena at the end of October, where we will be pouring sponsor brands.


Great Festival Chase Tour FAQs #GreatFestChase sponsors get to participate with you at the events?

If you’re available, the Mammoth Margarita Festival, Monterey or El Cholo will be great venues for interviews for our Open Bar show.  Please email to let us know the most convenient venue to meet up.

Also, if you’d like to represent your brand at the El Cholo VIP tasting, we’d love to have you there.  (See below for details.)


What if I want to pour at Mammoth Margarita Festival?

Let us know and we’ll put you in contact with the organizers.


What if I want to pour & enter at Monterey Bay Tequila and Cuisine?

In order to participate in the blind tasting competition, exhibitor must have entry form and fee paid and submitted, no later than Friday, August 17th.

Blind tasting competition: Each exhibitor will be given one entry of one expression, either blanco or reposado to be entered in the blind tasting at no cost. MBTC organizers will purchase the expression online.  For additional expressions to be entered, MBTC team will purchase online, however, exhibitor is responsible for cost of purchase.


Great Festival Chase Tour FAQs #GreatFestChase if I want to pour at El Cholo?

Great!  As a tour sponsor, your brand is already participating in and will be poured during the VIP Hour at El Cholo.  If you or a representative of your brand would like to do the pouring and be available to discuss your brand with the VIPs, we’d love to have you there!  Please email and let her know you’ll be there.

How do I get Tickets for Each Event?


Mammoth: Buy Tickets Here. 

Monterey: Buy Tickets Here.

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Can I just wait until next year?

You can, but our tour locations and itineraries change every year and you’ll miss out on the massive exposure these three big events on this year’s tour will bring to your brand.


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20 Reasons Why USA Today’s Craft Tequilas List Failed

Let’s Review…

In a previous post, I enumerated my reasons for  dreading my participation in USA Today’s 10 Best Craft Tequila list.

In my experience, something inevitably goes awry with these sorts of “listicles,” and it usually starts with the editor.

Contrary to the galloping propaganda disseminated by some press releases, there were no additional USA Today editors involved in accumulating the original list of twenty craft tequilas.  Only the recruited “experts” were involved.

This time around, I blame the curator of these lists whose job it is to engage USA Today’s readership, which in turn leads to its increased ad revenue.

Now that the excitement has died down, it’s time to assess the damage done by deliberately withheld facts, and to clear the air of unbridled misinformation.

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The Top 20 Reasons Why USA Today’s Top 10 Craft Tequila List


[Caution:  Rants Ahead]

20 Reasons Why USA Today's Craft Tequilas List Failed

1.  Lack of Respect.

When someone asks you to accrue a list on your area of expertise, you, as the curator, must assume that that person takes this task very seriously, especially since you’ve taken the time to background check the expert who is going to help you get PAID.

2.  Lack of Communication.

When this expert communicates questions to you via email or phone, be aware that this person expects a timely answer, especially when YOU have asked him for his list by a certain deadline.

3.  Lack of Trust.

When you deliberately avoid answering questions about who else is involved in

20 Reasons Why USA Today's Craft Tequilas List Failed

accruing a list for you, you immediately raise suspicion.

As with most “industry experts,” we tend to know one another.  In this instance, we could have worked in tandem to come up with a more complete list.

4.  Lack of Respect for Relationships.

You must also assume that the expert not only admires those items on his list, but personally knows each producer of those items and has forged lasting relationships with them over the years.

5.  More Lack of Respect for Relationships.

Because of these relationships, you must assume the expert is also highly regarded by those craft producers that he has included on his list.

6.  Lack of Understanding the Craft Segment.

By virtue of being craft distillers, you must understand that they are not made of money like the Big Boys.  These guys literally live by their shoestrings.

20 Reasons Why USA Today's Craft Tequilas List Failed

7.  Lack of Transparency.

Total and complete transparency when communicating with your experts is vital.  Explaining what opportunities and hidden fees await the winners is of utmost importance as that intelligence could alter the final list.

8.  Lack of Vergüenza (shame).

Where the HELL do you get off asking the winners for money for the licensing rights to use your seals, medals and trophies?

9.  Lack of Seriousness.

Do you realize that you are asking for similar fees by more respected and reputable spirits judging contests like the San Francisco World Spirits Competition or the SIP Awards?

20 Reasons Why USA Today's Craft Tequilas List Failed  Lack of Consideration.

Do you see that this lack of transparency on your part on behalf of USA Today could possibly put the expert’s friendships and reputation at risk?

11.  Lack of Realistic Expectations.

Do you really believe that these craft brands will fork over money for a meaningless popularity contest–for bragging rights?

12.  Underestimating the Brands.

How stupid do you think they (or we, the judges) are?

13.  Concealment of True Intentions.

Do you get that we understand that these contests you curate for USA Today are only to generate reader engagement which in turn determines your pricing to advertisers?

14.  Greediness.

Double dip, much?

20 Reasons Why USA Today's Craft Tequilas List Failed

15.  Conscious Collateral Damage.

Do you catch on that the winning and losing brands on this list probably now believe that the experts knew about the additional costs to the winners but chose not to divulge this information to them?

16.  Lack of Good Faith.

Most all professionally held beer, wine and spirits competitions openly inform participants of additional licensing costs to the winners.  YOU deliberately chose to keep this information from your experts.

17.  Elimination Due to Perceived Lack of Relevance.

Was it fair for you to eliminate those craft tequila brands because they had little or no social media presence?

18.  Lack of Foresight on Your Part.20 Reasons Why USA Today's Craft Tequilas List Failed

Bet you didn’t see that one coming, huh?

19.  Naïveté On My Part.

I only reluctantly became involved to help promote these deserving craft tequila brands.

20.  Underhandedness.

Thanks for cheapening the craft tequila segment.



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Kansas Is A Hotbed For Agave Spirits

[From September 11 to October 2, 2016, Tequila Aficionado Media, sponsored by 34 expressions representing 21 brands, embarked on a monumental RV road show dubbed, The Heartland Tour.  In these next passages, we recount the historic–and epic–highlights.  Felipe’s Mexican Restaurant provided us with no payment, but the food was well worth it!  *FTC Disclosure: Brands appearing on the Tequila Aficionado Dia de Los Muertos & Heartland Tour had to be vetted as Brand of Promise Nominees and paid a nominal fee to be on the tour.] 

Kansas Is A Hotbed For Agave Spirits

Back To Felipe’s

Tequila Aficionado’s Heartland Tour started off with a bang from the get-go.

We had visited Felipe’s Mexican Restaurant in 2014, and fell in love with the food, the owners–the Lujano family–and their history as stalwart members of the Wichita business community for almost fifty years.

Once again, for the third year in a row, they have been voted Wichita’s Favorite Mexican restaurant by the Wichita Eagle newspaper.

Kansas Is A Hotbed For Agave Spirits

Working Together

This time around, we made a special whistle-stop at Felipe’s to meet with Adam Clary, Craft Spirits Specialist for Standard Beverage Corporation, and several selected staff members.

Kansas Is A Hotbed For Agave Spirits Beverage Corporation, one of the more well respected distributors in Kansas, has a firm reputation of forging solid relationships with the customers they serve, including Felipe’s.

Felipe’s is known for their innovation in Mexican cuisine, and for a keen feeling for what will keep their customers coming back for more.

The Lujano family also has a deep love and affinity for all things agave, especially craft tequilas and mezcals that aren’t available in their home state.

Kansas:  A Hotbed For Agave Spirits

Our timing through Kansas during the Heartland Tour had the makings of an Agave Perfect Storm.Kansas Is A Hotbed For Agave Spirits

We simply wheeled in our stash of agave goodness to share between Felipe’s lunch and dinner hours, and let everyone go to town.

Almost immediately, there were oohs and ahhs from both camps.

The Lujano family and the Standard Beverage staff acted like catadores who had just spent the entire day blind judging tequilas for a serious competition, and then cut loose on their favorites during the after party.

Kansas Is A Hotbed For Agave Spirits

Knowing that Adam had a great appreciation for craft spirits in general, I still anticipated that I would need to translate some of the nuances of agave to some of the attendees.

I expected that most would gravitate to the aged expressions that we had laid out for them, especially considering we were touring through a part of the country that is heavily influenced by darker spirits, namely bourbon and whisky.

Surprise, surprise!

Such was not the case.

Kansas Is A Hotbed For Agave Spirits an astonishing move, the group made a beeline for every unaged expression belonging to our sponsoring brands.

Tasting the Goods

On a personal note, whenever I participate in tastings or demonstrations, I search for specific clues from the audience to alert me to whether I’m dealing with a well-informed crowd or a roomful of newbies.

Usually, it’s a cross section of both.

Unlike public tastings and dinner events we’ve conducted in the past, or staff training at restaurants or distributors, no instruction was necessary for the chosen and invited staff of Standard Beverage.Kansas Is A Hotbed For Agave Spirits

Any tequilero or mezcalero worth his or her worm salt will tell you that the character and integrity of their brand can be measured by the quality of their unaged expression.  Most will never shy away from a chance to pit just their blanco tequila or joven mezcal against any other competing brand.

The folks of Standard Beverage understood this.

[Tweet “The effort to understand agave spirits where they are unknown, is missing from most distributors.”]

Without exception, each staff member followed Adam Clary’s lead in sampling the unaged versions of our sponsoring brands, first.  Only when they were satisfied with what they were experiencing from each tequila or mezcal did they proceed in sampling the rest of the lines.

Kansas Is A Hotbed For Agave Spirits

The effort it takes to understand agave spirits, especially in a region where it is not the average go-to sip, is a quality sorely missing from small-to-medium distribution houses these days.

It’s a testament to the training received by the staff and management of Standard Beverage, and to the courage and enthusiasm displayed by the Lujano family by asking for and acquiring more and better agave spirits.

It was such a joy, and a relief, to simply share stellar agave spirits as one would do with family and friends.

Isn’t that what it’s all about, any way?

Kansas Is A Hotbed For Agave Spirits


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Desmadre Anejo Tequila Review

Find Desmadre Online


desmadreCasa Ramirez Distillery, a father and son team, began DesMaDre Tequila as a way to continue to offer a fine, hand-crafted, 100% de agave Tequila to its consumers. Recently introduced, it is gaining quickly in popularity everywhere. 

Each of our family Tequila recipes uses only the finest mature blue weber agave from “Los Altos” the highlands of Jalisco. Perfect levels of natural agave sugars and our own pure spring water, cooked slowly, double distilled combine for a fine tasting. The smoothness, body and texture of each sip is unsurpassed. Experience our quality for yourself. Ask for DesMaDre at your local favorite restaurant, bar, lounge or liquor market.


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Desmadre Reposado Tequila Review

Find Desmadre Online


Casa Ramirez Distillery, a father and son team, began DesMaDre Tequila as a way to continue to offer a fine, hand-crafted, 100% de agave Tequila to its consumers. Recently introduced, it is gaining quickly in popularity everywhere. 

Each of our family Tequila recipes uses only the finest mature blue weber agave from “Los Altos” the highlands of Jalisco. Perfect levels of natural agave sugars and our own pure spring water, cooked slowly, double distilled combine for a fine tasting. The smoothness, body and texture of each sip is unsurpassed. Experience our quality for yourself. Ask for DesMaDre at your local favorite restaurant, bar, lounge or liquor market.


Learn all about tequila from field to glass and then get paid to share your love of agave spirits with others! Buy Them Both Now!

Desmadre Blanco Tequila Review

Find Desmadre Online


Casa Ramirez Distillery, a father and son team, began DesMaDre Tequila as a way to continue to offer a fine, hand-crafted, 100% de agave Tequila to its consumers. Recently introduced, it is gaining quickly in popularity everywhere. 

Each of our family Tequila recipes uses only the finest mature blue weber agave from “Los Altos” the highlands of Jalisco. Perfect levels of natural agave sugars and our own pure spring water, cooked slowly, double distilled combine for a fine tasting. The smoothness, body and texture of each sip is unsurpassed. Experience our quality for yourself. Ask for DesMaDre at your local favorite restaurant, bar, lounge or liquor market.


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Tequila Aficionado Media Announces the 2015 Brands Of Promise Award Winners!

Honors Bestowed During LIVE Blab Webcast

For Immediate Release!

PLATINUMFINAL2015March 14, 2016, San Antonio, TXTequila Aficionado Media’s Third Annual 2015 Brands Of Promise© Awards were broadcast LIVE on Blab in Tequila, Mezcal and other assorted agave-related categories. See the full list of medal recipients here.

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Among the brilliant stand outs of 2015, Ambhar Tequila took the Judges’ Best-of-Show accolade scoring highly in several categories. Recent upstarts GOZA and Papa Bueno also made significant showings.  In a surprise return to the Brands Of Promise© Reposado class, Del Bravo Spirits unanimously took the Platinum award with Route 66 tequila.

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Legacy brands Orendáin, Milagro, Tequila 1921, Centinela and Herradura were well represented in both the High-End and Value segments, while Dulce Vida and Suerte convincingly cornered the Extra Añejo tequila market.

In what proved to be the toughest bracket for the judges to date, Malinalli Tequila swept the Platinum trophy in the hard fought Blanco division, with Ambhar, El Mayor, and Mamalón tequilas close on its heels.

The surging Mezcal classification was dominated by the popular Gracias A Dios brand, while Montelobos and Amarás collected Golds in each of their groups.

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Gold Medal Winner Lisa Elovich, brand owner of Organic Tequila One With Life, was ecstatic, saying, “Thank you so much! It is such an honor to get this award. I know this will help us with marketing and distribution.” She graciously added, “Congratulations to all of the nominees and winners! So happy to be part of it!”

In an equally gracious statement made over their Instagram account, medal recipient Papa Bueno Tequila wrote, “We are honored to have been among this impressive group of nominees! We love tequila and congratulate all the winners and thank Tequila Aficionado for the time, humor and love they bring! Definitely Bueno!”

About the Brands Of Promise Awards

All brands were judged by Founder, Alex Perez and CEO, M.A. “Mike” Morales, as well as by other Tequila Aficionado staff, on how they performed during Tequila Aficionado’s wildly popular Sipping Off The Cuff™ video series seen regularly on and viewable on its YouTube channel.

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Unlike other spirits contests, The Brands Of Promise™ Awards does not require participating agave spirit brands to pay an entry fee.  It also does not charge winners additional hefty licensing tariffs for the rights to use the medal award graphics on their labels, neck tags, shelf talkers, brochures, point-of-sales materials and websites.

For a full list of Brands Of Promise© winners, click here.



To enter your tequila, mezcal, sotol, raicilla, bacanora or other agave spirit or related product in the coveted Brands Of Promise™ Awards, click here.


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Tequila Aficionado’s Tequila & Mezcal Road Show, Part I

[From October 14 to October 28, 2015, Tequila Aficionado Media, accompanied by 33 expressions representing 19 brands, embarked on an epic RV road show christened, The Dia de los Muertos Tequila & Mezcal Tour.  In these next passages, we recount the historic–and hysteric–highlights.

You can also view a complete video playlist of our adventures on our YouTube channel here…]

On A Dark Desert Highway

Somewhere outside Carlsbad, New Mexico


On a dark stretch of highway in southeastern New Mexico, a road weary Lisa Pietsch guided the Cruise America RV that Tequila Aficionado Media had rented for the historic Dia de los Muertos Tequila & Mezcal Tour.

Avoiding oncoming eighteen wheelers hauling oil and speeding two-ton diesel  trucks, she counted the minutes until she reached her destination for the night, the Carlsbad KOA campground.

Suddenly, she gasped as a huge piece of truck tire appeared in the high beam headlights ahead of her.

With no way to avoid the giant twisted remnant on the two lane highway without swerving and fishtailing the thirty foot RV, she gritted her teeth, straddled the rubber and hoped for the best.

A resounding ka-thunk ka-thunk let her know that she had successfully survived what could have been a perilous situation.  It wasn’t until the next morning that Lisa discovered what had actually happened.

Uncomplicated Sipping

Feeling like the castaways from Gilligan’s Island, what was supposed to have been a leisurely six hour drive from San Antonio, Texas to Carlsbad, New Mexico turned into a 9 hour ordeal that began with early morning packing and stocking the RV.

Once we parked and hooked up the water and electricity at the campground for the night, Lisa announced that all she wanted was something uncomplicated to sip on for a late evening nightcap.

Malinalli blanco fit the bill perfectly.

Black Water

After a sluggish morning, we decided to drive for Carlsbad Caverns in the early afternoon.

Unhooking the RV, Lisa noticed the damage to the black water tank.  The coiled tire we had straddled the night before had poked a sizeable hole.  If any of us needed to use the bathroom while we were on the road, it would spell disaster, especially for those following behind us.

With fingers crossed, we headed to Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

To The Bat Cave!


After struggling with our selfie stick trying to capture a family photo outside the park sign, we hustled into the visitor’s area for a mid-afternoon tour of the caverns.

Once inside, we were met with this alarming notice–1016151439a

Bats are dying!

While we weren’t able to manage a tour of the Caverns’ famed bat exhibit that featured the Mexican free tail bats, there was enough important information to post in the above article.

Attack of The 10 Foot Martians 

1016151716 1016151717aOn our way back from Carlsbad Caverns just before nightfall, we were able to do a bit of souvenir shopping and picture taking with carved bears and aliens.

We had no idea that the alien culture was so prominent in Carlsbad, but we were sure that Roswell, our next day’s whistle stop, would have more than enough little green men to spare.

In the meantime, we appropriately eased into the  gray, stormy evening with Tromba tequila.

The Truth Is Out There


From the moment that Alien Tequila hopped aboard our Tequila & Mezcal Tour, I knew that a stop in Roswell, NM at the UFO Museum was a must.

Walking through this charmingly quirky city with a bottle of Alien Tequila hidden in a bag made these photos even more delightful.

1017151250aAfter more souvenir shopping, it was off to our stop for the next two nights at my old stomping grounds in Albuquerque.

R & R

Having stayed at this particular KOA campground during our first family RV outing earlier in the Spring of 2015, we were familiar with the amenities and felt comfortable enough to enjoy some down time.  The driving had taken its toll on Lisa, so a two-day respite was just what she needed.

JLP Margaritas were the order of the evening.  After catching up on emails and drafting blogs, Senda Real made an appearance, as well.

Finding Photo Ops

When you’re stuck behind a computer from 5 to 8 hours a day like Lisa and I usually are working to make Tequila Aficionado Media even more interesting, compelling and educational for you, finding ways to create more inspirational photo and video opportunities is challenging.

Stepping away from the home office and being on the road really lends itself to “outside-the-box” creativity.  If you remain open to possibilities, even the simplest things can serve to generate epic social media content and articles.

Which is exactly what we needed since we were still faced with the dilemma of the damaged black water tank.


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Goza Reposado Tequila Review

In this episode of Tequila Aficionado’s Sipping off the Cuff, Mike Morales and Alex Perez taste and discuss Goza Tequila Reposado


Goza, Atlanta’s only tequila producer, makes headway

Courtesy of Atlanta Magazine

goza, tequila, tequila aficionado, sipping off the cuff, tequila tastingWhen Jacob Gluck decided to build a tequila brand, he was living in Washington D.C and working in finance, but he knew Atlanta was where he’d launch the company. “It’s home,” Gluck said in a phone interview. “If I can’t be successful here, I won’t be successful anywhere.”

Goza, which means “enjoy” in Spanish, launched mid-April with three premium varieties: Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo. The local brand aims to compete with the likes of Don Julio, Patron, and Casamigo, with tequila that’s clean, flavorful, and just slightly warming.

It took a couple of years to get Goza to market. Through a mutual friend, Gluck learned of a tequila producer who was looking for a U.S. partner. Of the 110 tequila producers in Mexico, Gluck said, one in every ten bottles is going to have the same liquid (that’s over 1,000 brands). “Our supplier doesn’t sell to anyone else in the U.S.,” he says.

Gluck wants his premium tequila to be a more affordable option, with a market focus on young professionals. He calls it “tech-quila” when discussing his link to the startup world—Goza shares office space at DeskHub in Buckhead, and he hopes to sponsor a hack-a-thon.

It’s a sophisticated beverage made with great attention to detail, Gluck said. You can enjoy Goza on the rocks or mixed in a cocktail. “But if people feel like they can’t order it as a shot,” he laughed, “you’re screwed.”

The tequila market is pretty vast. What does Goza bring that’s new?

Goza takes the intimidation out of tequila. Most bottles out there, they’re square, masculine—there’s an intimidation factor. Plus, we all have a bad tequila story—you know, that “I can’t even stand the smell” thing. It’s important that the tequila taste good, but we start with what people see. People say it looks like a vodka bottle, and that’s fine with me.

Can you talk about how your distilling process impacts the flavor?

Our tequila is made from agave grown and distilled in Arandas, Mexico, which is one of the country’s two major tequila-producing regions. It’s in the state of Jalisco and Goza agave is in the highlands. Tequila from that area has more of a fruity and herbal taste and smell. It’s also 100% agave tequila—some tequilas, like Jose Cuervo, are made from 51% agave. That’s a big reason why it tastes so bad.

Does Goza manage the whole process?

We control the entire process, the land our agave is grown on the distilling, aging, bottling—it’s a total vertical integration. The agave is grown for nine years before harvest. They run certain tests to ensure that it’s harvested at the right time. Every bottle is pressure-washed on the inside with tequila itself. Everything’s done by hand.

Describe the varieties you offer.

We have Blanco (silver), which is floral, fruity, with hints of vanilla. Reposado (aged for six months in white oak barrels) is more oaky—some say smoky. And the Añejo (aged for one year in white oak barrels) has even more depth. It’s more complex with notes of brown spice and honey. By far, we sell mostly Blanco. Enthusiasts and connoisseurs will enjoy the aged styles, too. [General pricing for Goza: Blanco, $34.99; Reposado, $39.99; Añejo, $44.99]

You’re currently in Georgia and Tennessee, any expansion plans?

We’re trying to grow organically, grassroots style. Next market will probably be South Carolina or Florida, just because of geography, maybe within a year. But we are primarily in Georgia, and of our Georgia sales, 80% is in greater Atlanta.




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