Titanium Blanco Tequila Review

In this episode of Sipping Off the Cuff, Mike Morales and Rick Levy revisit the newly redesigned Titanium Tequila Blanco. From the Titanium Tequila Wesbite: Our tequilas begin with the world’s finest 100% tequilana blue weber agave grown in the highlands of Jaslisco, Mexico. Each of our agave plants are hand selected at the peak … Read moreTitanium Blanco Tequila Review

Titanium Tequila Week Preview

  Here at Tequila Aficionado, we’ve been around the tequila industry for 18 years now.  Just as our website and associated networks have evolved over those years, we’ve been witness to the evolution of some really wonderful agave spirit brands.  The makers of Titanium started out with a great blanco tequila and an elegant package … Read moreTitanium Tequila Week Preview

Titanium Tequila: Luxury Attained

[On April 22, 2015, Casey Hartle, CEO and Vice President of Premium Spirits visited us to share some award winning Titanium tequila, a 2014 Tequila Aficionado Brand Of Promise(TM) nominee.] Ti Titanium, a chemical element known for its low density and high strength, is generally too expensive and unattainable for most consumers. Outside of being manufactured as components in high … Read moreTitanium Tequila: Luxury Attained

Titanium Blanco Tequila Review

Tequila Aficionado’s Alexander Perez and M.A. “Mike” Morales taste and discuss Titanium Tequila Blanco and nominate it for the 2014 Brands of Promise Awards. See why here. Visit Titanium Tequila online here. According to Titanium: OUR LUXURY TEQUILA’S BEGIN WITH THE WORLD’S FINEST 100% TEQUILANA BLUE WEBER AGAVE GROWN IN THE HIGHLANDS OF JALISCO, MEXICO. … Read moreTitanium Blanco Tequila Review

Tequila Review Outtakes: I Am Titanium Tequila!

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