Goza Reposado Tequila Review [Transcript]

We hope you’ll enjoy this replay of our Sipping Off the Cuff with Goza Tequila Reposado along with the new full transcript in English.

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ALEX: You are watching Sipping Off the Cuff on Tequila Aficionado dot com. I’m Alex Perez.


MIKE: I’m Mike Morales here in San Antonio. Alex Perez is at the Area 51.

ALEX: (undeterminable comment)

Sipping Off the Cuff | Goza Tequila Reposado [Transcript] https://wp.me/p3u1xi-5LqMIKE: What’s that?

ALEX: Are you a cowboy?

MIKE: I’m a cow…? No.

ALEX: Antonio.

MIKE: I’m am not a cowboy, and I am not a spur!



ALEX: You’re probably watching us on Youtube, so please subscribe.

MIKE: Yes.

ALEX: WE are tasting, drumroll…..Goza!

MIKE: Goza, not to be confused with Gozer, that was a character in Ghost Busters. (laughing) Alex –


MIKE: We really enjoyed the blanco.

ALEX: Yes.

MIKE: …and as we may – if you haven’t seen our blanco, the blanco tasting-

ALEX: Vodka!

MIKE: These guys are, they’re 3 owners led by a Mr. Gluck, and they are based out of Atlanta.

ALEX: Ooh! Bubbles.

MIKE: So they’re taking Hot-lanta by storm, apparently. Which is, if anybody’s been watching the market, the Southern, the Southeastern market is really very cocktail-driven. They’re getting into tequilas, they’re getting into mezcals… and Goza is, these guys are just on top of it. Look at the logo, check that out. The Day of the Dead with the wings on it, and the cocktail, and… You know, they’re very much into that. And that’s where they’re driven as far as their social media. So you can find them on Facebook, you can find them on Instagram, I believe they’re also on Twitter. And tonight, Alex, we’re doing the reposado.

ALEX: Yeah, we’re doing the reposado. I actually poured. It had some bubbles. I actually had to look at the bottle a second time, because it is so light.

MIKE: I was gunna say!

ALEX: I thought I had poured the blanco again.

MIKE: Yeah. It’s very pale straw color.

ALEX: It’s almost the same color. It just has like a tinge of… I dunno if you can see it, but there’s like no color in there.

MIKE: I mean hardly any. I had to hold it up to- my light’s over to my right, your left, and I had to… and they say this is aged for 6 months, right?

ALEX: Aged for 6 months in white oak barrels.

MIKE: In white oak barrels, and what did they say? This is where the, where blanco meets añejo.

ALEX: Where blanco meets añejo.

MIKE: (laughing) that’s what their…

ALEX: blanco meets añejo.

MIKE: That’s what their brochure says, yeah.

ALEX: So I’m wondering if they’re filtering this too.. but it only says they’re doing it for the blanco.

MIKE: Yeah, so the blanco is filtered, double-distilled, triple-filtered, is that what they said?

ALEX: Yeah.

MIKE: Ohh, ohh! Wow. Ohh, ohh, oh, oh!

ALEX: Yeah, it’s got a neat nose. See the….

MIKE: Look at – (laughing) You’re using one of their table tents, right? Is that what you’re doing?

ALEX: Right.

MIKE: Yeah, so they do have the really cool table tents.

ALEX: (laughing)

MIKE: Chances are you guys have seen them at one of, you know, at a club somewhere in Atlanta, or somewhere in Georgia. Don’t be afraid to give us your opinion on Goza down here. Fill it out. Tell us what you think if you’ve had it before. I love this nose, Alex. For only 6 months it’s very little color. But the nose on it, is even – it’s even giving me, it’s like it’s one more layer on top of the blanco.

ALEX:  Right, it’s actually. That’s a good way to describe it. And, the nose? I am getting a little bit, just hints of caramel.

MIKE:  You’re just getting a little bit… It’s almost like it’s just been kissed by the barrel.

ALEX: It’s just a little, just a little, yeah. Just a little, little kisses of caramel, little kisses of honey, little kisses of vanilla. And the, in the palate it’s actually very nice. It’s actually very delicate. Very little heat…

MIKE:  Mmm! There’s no heat from the blanco anymore.

ALEX:  Oh.

MIKE: There’s just a pepper.

ALEX: Just a slight little pepper.

MIKE: Way on the back end. Maybe a little bit – it’s spicier now, now that it’s been in the barrel, than it was unaged in the blanco. Wow! This is really good, Alex.

ALEX:  It’s actually, yeah. And it’s different. It’s not… It’s not a typical reposado.


ALEX: It’s almost like they’ve really taken the time to really smooth out the edges…

MIKE: Yeah, and that’s exactly –

ALEX: A nice little intro. Yeah, it’s like – it’s a great intro into the aged category.

MIKE: I think they’re funny – even though the descriptors in there, in the brochure is really funny, I think they actually got it right; that really is an introduction into the aged, or the añejo category, if you’re not familiar with it.

ALEX:  It’s a very elegant reposado.

MIKE:  Yeah, it belies its marketing. It really is a worthy sipper, as was the blanco in my opinion. But the blanco I think would lend itself probably better to the cocktails. And like I say, right now in the Southeast, cocktail cultures very, very hot. There’s a lot of these secret hotbeds of tequila and mezcal, ya know, going on in Georgia, going on in North Carolina South Carolina… Florida has always been kind of iffy because of the Latin Hispanic influence… but they’re starting to really come around, Alex. And I’m impressed, man! These guys at Goza, they jumped on that band wagon at the right time. Wow…

ALEX:  Wow, please – go grab some Goza.

MIKE: Yeah!

ALEX: I think, another Brand of Promise, Mike.

MIKE: I think you’re right. I think we… you know, we’ve nominated it for packaging, of course all the bottles are generally the same, except for the color code. That’s how you find out what the blanco is, what the repo is, and the añejo. But um… I’m impressed, man. This is very, very good stuff. Again, from NOM 1479 for anybody who’s had Nuestro Orgullo tequila. But, go out and get you some! And, while you’re at it, if you’ve had it, give us the comments down below, okay? And subscribe to our Youtube channel. We are now affiliated with Disney, and Makers Studios of the Disney Company, so we’re a part of the Disney family. And we want to make you part of our family as well. So, subscribe… give us your thoughts, we just gave you ours. Brand of Promise nominee for 2016, on the reposado, that’s Goza. I’m Mike Morales here in San Antonio.

ALEX:  And I’m Alex Perez. You’re watching Sipping off the Cuff on TequilaAficionado.com, and as always, sip wisely.



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Embajador Reposado Tequila Review [Transcript]

See the original video review of Tequila Embajador Reposado here.

Sipping off the Cuff: Embajador Reposado [Transcript] http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4Y5

Alex Perez: Hi there, I’m Alex Perez.

Mike Morales: I am Mike Morales.

Alex Perez: And you are watching Sipping off the Cuff on TequilaAficionado.com and we’re continuing our series.

Mike Morales: Yes in Embajador which in Spanish means Ambassador.  Again it is a family owned brand, fairly new.  I think it is about ready to be picked up in Southern California and it is available in Arizona and parts of Texas.

Alex Perez:  We tasted the Blanco which we were impressed by.

Mike Morales:  Pleasantly surprised. I think that it would be a good Brand of Promise nominee for the Blanco category from us at Tequila Aficionado and now we have got the Reposado.  So what we know about the Reposado is, let me look at my/our notes here.

Alex Perez:  Handy dandy notes.

Mike Morales:  My handy dandy notes from these folks.  A wonderful couple, Andres Garcia and his wife.  Everybody involved in the tequila is family including the folks who are taking care of the social media as well so reach out, say “Hi” to them.  They are very accessible.  This is a premium Reposado and it has rested for eight months in American oak barrels.  So it is an eight month Reposado which means that they are not, this has got a really deep colouring though.  It has like a golden color.

Alex Perez:  It has a nice gold color to it and you saw me earlier sneaking a little smell.  It smells really good.

Mike Morales:  Yeah, we were very pleasantly surprised with the Blanco.  Just for the sake of transparency I have had the Blanco before in champagne flutes and I did not get the notes that I got from using our tools here, our Tequila Glasses.

Alex Perez:  It has got some nice legs, some nice viscosity to the tequila.  And the nose, you got caramel.

Mike Morales:  But you know what though.  You are not losing.  There is agave in there.  You are not losing, it is coming through, yes.  It is very prominent.  Wow, oh yeah, but there is that caramel for sure.

Alex Perez:  There’s other goodies in there.

Mike Morales: The Blanco was spicy, herbal and citrusy so what I got just in the nose itself was the agave citrus notes.

Alex Perez:  There is supposed to be some other, it might be a little bit of banana now.  I don’t know if you get that.

Banana.  Mmm.

Mike Morales:
 Did you taste it already?

Sipping off the Cuff: Embajador Reposado [Transcript] http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4Y5Mike Morales:  Mmm.  (Laughs) Excuse me while I spit.

Alex Perez: Wow, that is a nice Reposado.

Mike Morales:  According to the notes there is vanilla, caramel, maple and coffee.  I didn’t get any coffee but I did get the maple.

Alex Perez:  Definitely the maple.

Mike Morales:  Vanilla for sure and caramel right off the bat actually but what I was really impressed with is that there was still the agavic characteristics that we pointed out in the blanco are still prominent.  I think it is pretty well balanced, don’t you?

Alex Perez: Well balanced and the taste is still lingering in my mouth so it has got a nice long taste to it.  It is very pleasant Reposado.

Mike Morales:  Now, Alex got some banana.

Alex Perez:  I got some banana in the nose.

Mike Morales:  It claims to have…

Alex Perez:  There is something else in there.

Mike Morales: It claims to have cherry, lime.  I got more citrus from it than I got the banana but it was, I recognised it right after that because it was the same bouquet that I got from the Blanco.  There is really good complexity on this tequila.

Alex Perez:  Beautiful nose and the mouth feel is just amazing.

Mike Morales:  Wow here we go.  For those of you aficionados who are a little more advanced and are aware of regions and terroir I would say this is a really good interpretation of the Atotonilco area, Atotonilco micro climate or the highlands.

Alex Perez:  Very nice.

Sipping off the Cuff: Embajador Reposado [Transcript] http://wp.me/p3u1xi-4Y5

Mike Morales:  Yeah it is really beautifully balanced too because if you look at the color sometimes you might think that the barrel might take over but it really does not.

Alex Perez: Got a beautiful nose.  I can taste the vanilla and maple in the mouth.

Mike Morales:  American oak barrels.  I would venture to say at this point and I don’t have verification of this but we have been through the safeties of virgin barrels only because of the colour of the Reposado but I will verify that probably when we do the text, when we do the follow up, which will probably be done by Ryan Kelly who writes a lot of our reviews for us at TequilaAficionado.com but wow again a surprise.  A surprise for me.

Alex Perez:  Definitely a contender.

Mike Morales:  Another Brand of Promise contender for Reposado category. Embajador Tequila you will be able to find it I’m sure in Arizona, hopefully soon in southern California, I know they are working on it at this time we are filming they are working on that and parts of Texas as well so look for it.  It is definitely a great sipping tequila and worth your time and effort to find it.

I am Mike Morales.

Alex Perez:  And Alex Perez.

You are watching “Sipping off the cuff” we are trying Embajadhor Tequila.  It is for us a nominee for Brand a Promise and as always, sip wisely.


Sipping off the Cuff | Embajador Blanco / Transcript

Sipping off the Cuff | Embajador Tequila Reposado

Sipping off the Cuff | Embajador Tequila Anejo

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El Consuelo Blanco Tequila Review [Transcript]

Watch the original video review here.

Mike: You are watching Sipping off the Cuff on TequilaAficionado.com.  I’m Mike Morales and that gentleman over there…

Rick: Rick Levy in San Diego.

Mike: I’m here in San Antonio.  We’re enjoying a respite from the heat wave.  We’ve actually had rain the last 2 days, which is nice.

Rick: The heat has moved out here.

Mike: Oh, really is it hot out there?

Rick: Little over 100 outside the house.

Mike: Wow, you don’t have air-conditioning in San Diego as I remember.

Rick: Yeah. Yeah.  Most people have it now.

Mike: Oh, really?  When I lived in Rancho Penasquitos up a little higher we didn’t have a need to air-conditioning because in the summer if it gets to hot you get that ocean breeze that comes all the way inland.

Rick: Yeah.

Mike: And it was nice; it was, you know, not here in Texas.

Rick: This house didn’t have it when we bought the house.

Mike: Well, then enjoy it.  By Thursday we should have it back I think.  I’m excited, dude, this is going to be your first, this is a brand new Tequila that just contacted us.  It’s called El Consuelo and the neat part about this, Rick, is that it’s organic and its kosher. I don’t know if you can see that down in there but that’s the organic and kosher seal.

Rick: USDA and is it Bioagricert?

Mike: Yeah, it’s Bioagricert and right now I think they are the only one in town but I understand that the CRT will soon be getting involved in certifying tequila. I’m not sure how that’s going to work, it will be interesting whether that becomes a reality at the end of the year.  Who knows? But for now, they were really cool.  They sent us information on the tequila.  I want to make sure.  Certified by, no, not Bioagricert its Mayacert.

Rick: Ah.

Mike: I have never heard of Mayacert, I’m going to do a little research on this one for my own sake, Mayacert that’s interesting.  It is organic however and it is or at least it’s being recognised as organic and it’s also kosher.

Rick: So that’s some information on their website too.  So you can use Jalapeño water as insecticide around their base so you know.*

* Pepper infused water is NOT used as an insecticide on El Consuelo’s agaves.  This is a website error.  No insecticides are used on the El Consuelo agaves.

Mike: Yeah, yeah.

Rick: Repels insects rather than using industrial chemicals.

Mike: Well you know they were nice enough to send us information, basically a press release with a lot of stuff in it from James Goll, who I believe is the 24 Group PR.

Rick: Well the company that produces the tequila is called tequila spirits LLC.

Mike: Right.

Rick: And then James Goll is the 24 Group PR marketing contact.

Mike: Ok. You know they reached out to us and bingo we got tequila.  I like their bottle it’s just a real simple bottle and it’s got a wood cork.

Rick: Yeah.

Mike: It’s a wood topper.

Rick: Natural cork.

Mike: Natural cork too, check that out.

Rick: It did leak a little when I got the bottle.

Mike: Yeah and you know when we got it, it was over a 100 degrees when we got our sample so we had a little bit of leakage. I’m going to use my Glencairn glass tonight, my little copita which I seem to really enjoy, look at that.

Rick: That’s a hefty pourer there.

Mike: That’s ok, it’s not like it’s going to go to waste.

Rick: Pay no attention to the man behind the wheel.

Mike: Yeah, (laughter) nice legs and tears, really.  I don’t know if you can see this, my lighting here is not the best but it pours really nicely, pretty pretty legs and tears, nothing runny, not too clingy.  The bottle itself, if you look at the bottle it’s got that hammered look.  I think, you haven’t had it yet Rick, but Papa Bueno Tequila comes in a bottle that’s got that hammered look, it looks like its hand blown.

Rick: It’s got that same texture to the glass as well.

Mike: Yeah, I like calling it that hammered metal, it’s got that hammered metal look to it but its glass. Really nice.  It handles nicely. It’s a nice bottle to pour from, really old school look at it.  Now what they said in the press material is that they’re using Webber agaves sourced from Jalisco in the Mexican region of Tequila which, if you read that correctly, if you take it word for word, it sounds like they’re using lowlands tequila at this distillery

Rick: 1570.

Mike: Yeah its 1570.

Rick: And it’s in Atotonilco.

Mike: I was probably just down the road from there when we visited Embahador but that’s a highlands distillery.

Rick: But on the bottle it says release out to the world.

Mike: Yeah, but their press material it says something else and so it’s a little confusing.

Rick: PR firms.

Mike: It’s press you know, so we will assume that they are using highlands tequila or highlands agaves.

Rick: It said on the website that they are using agaves from Altos.

Mike: Oh good. Ok.

Rick: It says they are 8 to 9 years old, organic, and are trimmed close when they harvest them.

Mike: Ok, we did not get, and I’m not even sure if they are available yet, Reposado and Anejo.  It seems like they are going to go way traditional with this.  The reposado was supposed to be six months aged and the anejo aged for 12 months.  Both are aged in cognac barrels* so it will be kind of nice to be able to taste those aged varietals.

*El Consuelo is not aged in cognac barrels.  El Consuelo ages their Reposado and Anejo in once-used Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrels.

Rick: Check that out, on their website they have some contradictory information.

Mike: What do they say on the website?

Rick: They said that the reposado was aged 11 months and that the anejo was 24 months and in those they also used, in addition to cognac, American Whiskey barrels.*

*This too is incorrect.  Cognac barrels are not used at all.

Mike: Well who do we believe?

Rick: I don’t know they will just have to send us the juice and let us decide.

Mike: That’s OK.  This is the start of it, so obviously you know the Blanco is the root of all good or evil.  I like the smell.  Its got that nice fruity, floral smell right on the tip of the nose.  You don’t even have to go dig very deep, very far, for it.

Rick: Right. Very fresh.

Mike: It’s a beautiful aroma.

Rick: Yeah and then you know I just cracked the seal on this today and nothing weird was coming off the top.  It didn’t need to oxidise or open up or anything.

Mike: No its very clean.  Very, very clean smelling. Obviously you can see the legs and tears off of my glass.  It’s perfect.  There is nothing that says this isn’t going to be good for you.

Rick: Yeah, and you know in their materials they really boast about doing everything in a traditional way, so you know I looked into it a little bit more.  They are using masonry ovens for extraction.  I was glad to see.  I loved this.  I see for their fermentation they are using a natural open air fermentation process and they are using stainless vats.  They also say they are using a proprietary exclusive yeast, so its exclusive to El Consuelo.

Mike: Well you know what that means right?

Rick: No.

Mike: When they say proprietary, you know the first thing that comes into my head is that this is a yeast that is coming from their own agaves.  It doesn’t say that they are estate grown agaves so I’m assuming that they are using yeast from agaves that they purchase and that’s the yeast that they are using.

Rick: So natural yeast from the plants that they are distilling, of course.

Mike: Right. Generally when you hear that it is because they are estate owned and then they produce their own yeast from their own plants and at least that’s the way I interpreted it.  I could be wrong.  They could be using, I don’t know, a Champaign yeast, but it doesn’t smell like it.  It smells just, you know, if anything I get some citrus notes on it.

Rick: You know that.

Mike: That lime zest. I’m getting lime zest again; I’m going to dig in here. Wow.

Rick: Ah, that’s just excellent.  I can’t find anything that I can…

Mike: Nothing to complain about.

Rick: There is nothing, there is nothing off, nothing strange, nothing peculiar its just wow, its luscious.

Mike: It’s not beefy either, it’s got a great finish.  You notice that finish lingers; it’s a lingering finish, a medium to long finish.

Rick: Yeah, I’m getting that great pepper sensation around the outside, the tongue and back of palate.

Mike: Yeah, this is a star man; this is a stellar, stellar stuff.

Rick: Well it’s great to see, you know, because they seem to really be something.  When I was looking at the website they were really pushing about how they are interested in their commitment to sustainability, social consciousness, and they say stuff like additive free with pure ingredients, with methods passed down through generations of Mexican farmers; their commitment to sustainability, social consciousness, for their farmers and their communities so it really seems like they are trying to develop a partnership with the growers and the distillery.

Mike: It’s their method, like you said, the method where they use the *habanero peppered water to ward off insects rather than pesticides.

* Pepper infused water is NOT used as an insecticide on El Consuelo’s agaves.  This is a website error.  No insecticides are used on the El Consuelo agaves.


Mike: It’s really interesting. Having grown my own green chillies in new Mexico I can tell you that the bugs don’t like them, ants don’t like them, there is something the heat, the oils in the chilis.  It just naturally doesn’t have, it’s not like a berry or a fruit when you have birds that will eat some of it or rabbits, nobody touches chili, they leave it alone so that’s kind of cool, that’s really neat they way they have gone to that.

Rick: And they also talk about their special bottling process.  I’m not sure how hard this is for the industry but they say that they wash their bottles; prior to bottling they wash their bottle in a tequila based solution.

Mike: Oh yeah.

Rick: Have you ever seen anything like that?

Mike: There are a few, as a matter of fact I just saw a video on facebook, I’m not exactly sure of the brand of the mezcal and they are showing you it’s a modern bottling facility but it only takes 3 bottles at a time which is kind of odd and they push it underneath the spouts.  The spouts flood, I mean literally wash the empty bottles before they are even filled and then they are turned over and drained like right away.  They move it over and then they are filled with the mescal.  I’m assuming it’s a similar process with the tequila but this was really a small bottling facility so I’m not sure.  I’ve never actually seen an automated bottling facility, but as far as I know, many of these bigger companies wash their bottles out this way.

Rick: This doesn’t seem to be a big distillery at all, it’s ALTOS CIENEGA UNIDOS.

Mike: You know I have my.

Rick: I think they only have 3 brands now the NOM started in June of 2010 and El Consuelo was one of the first marks listed with them but they are saying that El Consuelo was launched into 2016 but they also say that its rich in heritage but I’m not sure if they are saying that this is the process that they are using.

Mike: Yeah.

Rick: Or if this is previously brought up in Mexico and its now available in the US.

Mike: I think what happens is they’re taking some liberties with the information but, you know, the fact of the matter is they are making it in the old school way and you are right, I’m looking at the current NOM list, and from what I can see they have 4 brands that are coming out of there right now so um, that’s a good thing.

Rick: Yeah.

Mike: You know there.

Rick: My guess is that this NOM has been working with the folks behind El Consuelo the longest to make this happen but you know I’m glad they did this.  As you know, this is really what I love to see and you know I love the kind of citrus nose and feel.

Mike: I love that finish at the end too, you know it’s not all perfumes and flowers you know its once you inspect it.  You know you have had tequila and it’s not as much in your face as maybe some of the tequila’s we have had from Amatitan, but this is what its famous for.  I wouldn’t call it a typical tequila, there is not such thing to me, but if you are looking for a flavour profile that you are used to getting out of Highlands tequila then drink this one because its organic and small batch.  We were talking about the top 10 list for USA Today a little while ago.  Had we known these people had been around, they’re probably had to find right now, but maybe next time a list like that comes around, it could be available and in much larger qualities and added to that list.

Rick: Again let’s nominate them for Brand of Promise.

Mike: Nominated for Brand of Promise in the organic category, such a lovely tequila.  Congratulations to the company and everything that they are doing there.  Tequila Spirits LLC, I think is the owner of the brand and did you say that the company is going to come out with traditional spirits also?

Rick: Yeah, yeah, that because of their drive that they have for sustainability and social consciousness and the production process, they are also looking to release a rum, a vodka and a gin with that same kind of commitment.

Mike: Well there you go.

Rick: That’s great, it’s always wonderful to see people trying to do the right thing and producing something that really comes out great.

Mike: We are not sure what the price points will be or are on this tequila.  It’s a wait and see, but keep an eye out for it.  It’s called El Consuelo, I think you’re right, Brand of Promise for the Blanco.  So there you go, that’s our take on this tequila.  I’m Morales here in San Antonio.

Rick: Right, well I’m Rick Levy in San Diego.

Mike: And you’ve been watching Sipping off the Cuff on Tequila Aficionado Media, www.tequilaaficionado.com.  Please subscribe to the channel down below in the red button, you will be really, really happy and so will we.

Rick: Push red buttons.

Mike: Yeah, push that red button.  Well, as we like to say at Tequila Aficionado, “Tomar Sabiamente”.


Sipping off the Cuff | El Consuelo Tequila Reposado

Sipping off the Cuff | El Consuelo Tequila Anejo

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