Tequila Treasures From The Vault

Has this ever happened to you?

You go poking through your attic and by accident, you discover  albums of black and white photos of your parents and grandparents from their younger days.

Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon tattered journals and diaries from high school?  Or, maybe bundled and frayed love letters or handmade cards from your kids?

letters1, Tequila TreasuresThis same exact thing happened to us at Tequila Aficionado Media.

In one of our several incarnations during the past fifteen years, many of our original articles and features were left behind, gone into the ethers of the Web.  But thanks to our COO, Lisa Pietsch’s relentless digging and excavating (like a dog on the trail of a well-seasoned bone), we’ve found them all!

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You hear about this sort of thing all the time in tequila.

Tequila Treasures
Jose Cuervo Cava

A well known tequilero finds in his family’s cava unaged blanco tequila resting quietly in ancient and dusty hand blown glass damajuanas.

Another finds long forgotten rested barrels of tequila that he decides to blend with a current batch to bring to market an ultra-aged masterpiece that tastes like nothing you’ve ever had.

Tantamount to finding a famous first edition of a favorite Marvel comic stowed away on a shelf somewhere,  we uncovered oodles of first-run articles, features, press releases and blogs.  Stuff that our founder, Alex Perez, was uploading to this website when dial-up access via a modem was at 14.4K!

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Cuervo 250 Aniversario, Tequila Treasures
Cuervo 250 Aniversario sample.

And the photos!  OMG…the photos!

Vintage pictures of the very first tequila events from California, New Mexico, and other states when shoulder pads were still in vogue (and I had more hair!).  It’s like posting our baby pictures on Throwback Thursday.

Guest tequila blogs by personalities who are still relevant, news releases depicting the hardships suffered during the first two well-documented agave crises, and the sales of once Mexican owned family distilleries to huge transnational corporations.

Cuervo barrels, Tequila TreasuresWe’ll share these and even more information from our Tequila Treasure Vault in the coming weeks and months.


Even distributors find cases of tequila that are no longer


available tucked away in their warehouses and offer them to their accounts at rock bottom prices, only to be scooped up by tequila treasure hunters who scour mom-and-pop liquor stores in dicey neighborhoods.

geraldo rivera, Tequila Treasures
Our vault isn’t empty.

You don’t want to miss any of the agave surprises that we have fermenting for you the rest of this year–videos, audios, features, exclusives, news, views and reviews.

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Sip some fine tequila as we share with you and explore our Tequila Treasure Vault.




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