Titanium Extra Anejo Tequila Review

In this episode of Sipping Off the Cuff, Mike Morales and Rick Levy get their first taste of the new Extra Anejo from the makers of Titanium Tequila.

From the Titanium Tequila Wesbite:

Sipping Off the Cuff | Titanium Tequila Reposado http://wp.me/p3u1xi-55ROur tequilas begin with the world’s finest 100% tequilana blue weber agave grown in the highlands of Jaslisco, Mexico.

Each of our agave plants are hand selected at the peak of their maturity full of sweetness and robust flavor. After harvesting the agave our jimadors carefully cut the agave down to the “piña”, or heart, leaving only the purest part of the agave plant for our tequila’s. Our agave is the highest quality agave found in the world creating a tequila like no other.

Our piña is then slowly roasted in a stainless steel autoclave. this cooking process is important in allowing for a consistent, sweet, and rich piña ready for fermenting as well as ensuring a clean outcome minimizing any possible bacteria build up. After roasting the piña is then shredded and juices extracted for fermenting.

Next is the fermenting which is done in an open air environment. This process is unrushed with a special strand of yeast added to control and create a consistently high quality spirit. The result is a luxurious, robust tequila ready for distillation. The tequila is then twice distilled in pot stills creating the finest small batch tequila available today.

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