Revel Avila Agave Spirit Facts

Revel Avila Agave Spirit Factsrevel-6smith

Revel Spirits are very unique agave spirits.  You’d understand if you’d tasted them!

If you haven’t tasted them yet, we heartily recommend you give they a try.

Since our reviews of Revel, we’ve discovered some delicious details about the spirit that agave geeks like us really appreciate:

  • Revel Spirits’ Blue Weber Agave plants are grown in the state of Morelos, Mexico
  • The soil is very rich with alkaline and the farms are very close to an active volcano, Popocatépetl
  • This soil has only been farmed for 15-20 years
  • The farms are run by Revel’s partner Héctor Ruiz and his family
  • Morelos soil is distinct from other regions of Mexico, creating a taste different from Tequila, even though Revel is made with 100% Blue Agave
  • REVEL currently uses only 100% Blue Weber agave.  They will have other Avila brands to follow using different types of Agave plants

For the REVEL brand:

  • Old school method: (some of their Piña’s are roasted)
  • revel-6smith2Revel’s Piña’s are thrown into a pit filled with volcanic rock from the local volcano, covered with sand and leaves and a pipe is inserted into the middle of pit to release smoke (so it’s less smoky than Mezcal)
  • Piña’s are roasted for 48 hours covered and another 24 hours uncovered
  • New school method: (some of their Piña’s are steam heated)
  • Then the steamed and roasted Piña’s are blended, shredded, fermented
  • The product is triple distilled through column distillers which creates the Blanco
  • The Reposado is made from the Blanco placed in (once used) American Oak Whisky barrels for one year.
  • The Añejo is made from the Blanco by inserting the Blanco into (new) French oak barrels for two years – which takes on a different complexity then the Reposado




Following are the previous reviews we’ve done of Revel’s Agave Spirits:

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