Tequila Aficionado Holiday Gift Guide

Let the spirit of the season, the agave spirit that is, guide you in your gift giving!

Tequila Aficionado offers you a great portfolio from which to choose select gifts for the tequila, mezcal, bacanora or agave spirit lover on your gift list. Browse the following gifts available for online ordering, and enjoy the opportunity to relax and truly enjoy the season without the hustle and bustle of running around town to shop.

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888 Tres Ochos Tequilas

888 (Tres Ochos) Tequila is the perfect hostess gift because it comes already wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a brilliant blue and gold canister, perfect for a holiday presentation. 888 Tequila is available in Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo.

888 Tres Ochos Tequila 100% blue agave Silver, Reposado and Añejo are hand crafted by master distiller Señor Arturo Fuentes and Fabrica de Tequilas Finos to deliver an extremely smooth award-winning  tequila of reverential sophistication.

Celestial Organic Tequilas

Quick to laugh, eager to learn, Raul Garcia has a penchant for creating and
overcoming unique challenges in his path. Born in Mexico in an influential
time of shifting ideologies between young and old, Raul quickly discovered
a life-long love for learning and for making great friends.

Tequila Celestial was born from his celebration with life, and reflects the true
history and character of Mexico. Noble. Resilient. Proud.

314 Huellas Bacanoras

Bacanora 314 Huellas Silver has a clear and clean color. The definite aroma of cooked agave and the slight smoke tinge make you feel you are drinking at the distillery. The intense sugar and spicy aniseed aftertaste create a pleasant appeal for the palate. Because of its clean and not sticky touch, 314 Huellas Silver is best served neat or on the rocks.

314 Huellas is the perfect drink for your time at your old stamping ground. Every day can be a different day with the spicy taste of this pure spirit.

Cuentacuentos Mezcales

We set out in search of xtabentun—an anisette-flavored, honey-based tipple from the Yucatán Peninsula with Zapotec and Mayan roots. Unsatisfied in our search, my traveling companion and I decided to take a trip south to visit Oaxaca in order to explore the mezcal regions. We hopped a collectivo out to the Istmo region, and there lucked onto a cabbie who could speak Spanish as well as Zapotec—a necessity in the rural areas. My companion and I explained what we were looking for—small batch mezcals. The cabbie’s eyes lit up —I know where to go.

Some hour or two later, deep into the Colinas Blancas, bouncing around in the back of an early-90s Nissan Tsuru (not really made to cross creeks), we came across the place he was looking for. I think it was obvious to everyone by then that the cabbie had lost his way. We got out to stretch our legs and take a pee by the side of the road and when we turned back to the car, found that we were suddenly surrounded by autodefensas.

Our driver had gotten us in over our heads. It didn’t take us long to figure out that we needed a story and we needed one fast. Sometimes the best story is just the truth. So we leveled with the group of 12 or so armed locals —we just want mezcal.
—Clearly, they said, we did not need to be here to find mezcal —you can find that in the city.
—Yes, but we want rare, small batch, and hard-to-find mezcal.

After a what felt like an hour, with us surrounded and them talking Zapotec, the autodefensas decided we were being honest—and they showed us to the local campesino who also serves as the area’s mezcalero. The mezcalero showed us his tiny palenque tucked in behind the small livery in which he keeps his flock of goats. He makes about 50 liters per year—all that this tiny community needs. Too small of a production schedule for our needs, but, hey, beats sitting in a jail cell somewhere in Mexico. Did we want to try his tobalá? Of course!

A few passes of the jicara later, tensions eased and the locals started asking more questions. The mezcalero had not heard of Colorado, but he was proud to say, had once visited California. We were soon trading stories. We still have the filthy Coke-bottle mezcal, complete with dirt floaters, that we bought from our new friends that day.

Why did this work out when it could have gone so badly? We contemplated this as we found our way back to the city that night. And all we can figure is that they liked our story. We are all, in the end, the narrators of our own lives—storytellers. Cuentacuentos.

Mezcal brings people together, stories make us friends. Drink in health.

Desmadre Tequilas

DesMaDre Tequila was founded by Marcos J. Higareda and launched in January of 2016. Keeping the family spirit alive, Marcos is joined by Rosendo Ramirez Gamino, and Rosendo Ramirez Falcon, father & son team. Together, the three men focus on offering fine, handcrafted, 100% de agave Tequilas for consumers who demand quality as well as affordability.

Casa Ramirez distillery has been family-owned and operated for over twelve years, testifying that building a world-renowned Tequila brand is in their genes and hearts. The rituals and processes they pass down from generation to generation help shape their families and friendships by creating a sense of warmth and unity. Forming timeless memories is what DesMaDre Tequila is all about.

With great passion for the craft, representing Mexican culture and family traditions, DesMaDre Tequila proudly shares their celebrated customs and heritage of Tequila by educating people about the Tequila making process. Upholding high standards, integrity and staying committed to crafting the best quality products is the core principle of the DesMaDre brand. With the support of the DesMaDre Tequila Family, including the farmers, jimadores, and factory workers, the best Tequila is made and good relationships are preserved.

Embajador Tequilas

The competitive advantage that Embajador Tequila has, is the passion of the people behind the brand.
We are a family who is motivated and inspired by the idea of crafting superior quality and distinguished Tequila. Embajador is produced in small batches to focus on the brands consistency and quality principles. We produce Embajador using only 100% Blue Weber Agave that is grown on our estate located in Atotonilco in the highlands (Los Altos) of Jalisco, Mexico. This region in the valley of the Highlands of Jalisco is distinctive with its nutrient rich soil, along with a natural spring water aquifer that runs through our land, which is the essence that gives Embajador its distinguished characteristics.

One With Life Organic Kosher Tequilas

One With Life Organic Tequila is part of a philosophy aligned with living a mindful and balanced life.  Grown and produced in an organic farm and distillery system in Jalisco, Mexico, it has a smooth, crisp and earthy taste that emulates the pure agave plant.

One with Life Organic Tequila (OWL) has both Organic and Kosher certifications. Launched in 2015, OWL received rave reviews from TequilaAficionado.com and received the Gold Medal from Tequila Aficionado for Best New Brand in the Organic Category, was Voted the Best Tequila Margarita in the 2017 Ft. Lauderdale Margarita Festival and chosen Best of Year 2017 by Wine Enthusiast Magazine placing in the Top 100 Spirits for 2017.

Papa Bueno Tequilas


We distill our handcrafted tequila from the finest sun ripened agave offered by the legendary highlands of Jalisco. The result is crisp tequila ready-made for smooth shots, bold cocktails and unfiltered fun. We invite you to be authentic, drink responsibly and be part of the Papa Bueno family.

Be you, and you’ll earn your fun.

Pascola Bacanoras

Bacanora is grown and produced exclusively in the state of Sonora Mexico. 

It is handcrafted and produced only in small batches.

Bacanora is made from a special Agave plant called called Pacifica or Angustifolia Haw

Sonora’s unique soil and climate conditions are what differentiates the rich smokey flavor of Bacanora from its popular mexican cousins, tequila and mezcal. Bacanora is roasted from 2-4 days buried in an eathern pit fired with mesquite which gives bacanora its smokey taste.

Porfidio Single Agave 100% Agave Americana Edition 

Inspired by the centenary of Queen Victoria’s passing, S3xA was conceived in 2001 and came to full fruition in 2014 as a joint venture between Desmond Nazareth, the Indian-American computer whiz of Silicon Valley fame, and Martin Grassl, the man behind Porfidio. The joint venture was created out of the mutual respect of two entrepreneurs of disparate backgrounds but with similar creative mind. They shared a profound admiration for a botanical wonder, the “tree of marvels” as the Spanish Conquistadors called the agave when they encountered it in Mexico.

S3xA is not made in Mexico, but in the Highlands of Southern India, the Deccan Plateau, a delimited geographical area where the magnificent agaves for our spirit flourish. It is the plant that makes the spirit, not politics, so it was said. Transplanted from Mexico to India by Queen Victoria for fencing off the railways of the Raj to stop Holy Cows from being crushed by trains, the agaves procreated exuberantly, completely going off the rails to spread over their new magnesium-rich breeding grounds, the Deccan Plateau Highlands. A century after Queen Victoria’s death, we rediscovered her treasure and discovered how to spin her inheritance into liquid gold! 

Making the spirit from first-press agave juices, processed via the traditional oven baking method, carefully bio-fermented and meticulously alembic distilled in small lots, we have a claim to be India’s first artisan distillers

S3xA forms the third element in a five-piece Porfidio Signature Series of the world’s most salient and unique agave spirits, whose uniqueness consist not only in the singularity of their serial quality, but, going beyond the intrinsic, their non-parochial, non-Mexican, international origin.

Explore the difference, and appreciate the world’s bio-diversity! And take a dekko at Deccan’s Indian challenger to mezcal. 

Senor Rio Tequilas

Jonathon and Debbie Medina Gach, co-founders, met in business and built a relationship which turned into love. They discovered they had mutual interests and passions, one they decided to pursue was their love for tequila.

After 30 years Debbie and her husband Jonathan traveled to Mexico to reunite with her father, Señor Rio. It was an emotional reunion and to help break the ice, her dad offered them tequila in a simple bottle with no name or label. He explained how he made this fine tequila and that the process went back three generations in his family. They shared his small batch tequila and their life stories, bringing them together as a family. The next day they were amazed at how good they felt, no hangover or headache especially after drinking the entire bottle. When they returned to Arizona, Debbie and Jonathan thought what if…

Born on Cinco De Mayo 2009 in the little town of Tequila, Mexico. The first shipment arrived in Gilbert, Arizona on May 29, 2009. Jonathon designed the beautiful bottle and for their logo they selected an old photo of Debbie’s dad. It now sits on every bottle and is known as the man with the hat or Señor Rio!

Señor Rio Tequila should not be hurried, it should be enjoyed with your family and close friends sharing your life stories and creating your memories.

“It is in the spirit of family and tradition that we proudly bring to you Señor Rio Tequila.”

Sunora Bacanoras

Produced and distilled using only artisan methods, Sunora Bacanora is carefully hand-crafted in small batches to assure it meets the high standards set forth by its original makers, several generations ago.

In old-style tradition, the cores (or piñas) of the harvested Agave Pacifica are first roasted in stone pits lined with mesquite wood and charcoal. To release their juices, the cooked piñas are crushed using large stone wheels. The juice is then carefully fermented then distilled for purity and cold filtered upon bottling.

This simple, old-world method is the secret behind Sunora Bacanora’s alluring flavor: Dry, Complex, and Peppery with a Smoky, Earthy Finish.

TC Craft Tequilas

Our goal is simple–to deliver the highest quality tequila to you. To accomplish this, everything matters. The water. The agave. The yeast. The process. The people. The package. And every decision that we make. Only then is it a craft tequila that we will put our names on.

What makes TC CRAFT superior is the quality from start to finish. They use only 9 year, 100% Blue Agave, all natural Agave yeast, and longer aging. You will know the difference the first time you taste it. America’s best ultra premium, super smooth, Craft Tequila.

Travel Bartender Kit Bag | Professional 17-piece Bar Tool Set with Stylish Portable Bar Bag and Shoulder Strap for Easy Carry and Storage

EVERYTHING YOU NEED (EXCEPT FOR THE BOOZE) » 17-Piece ALL-INCLUSIVE bartending kit with serious quality bar accessories and a stylish carry-on bartender roll. Will give you the power to whip up impressive cocktails for your guests. Whether you’re an amateur bartender or a drink mixing guru, whether you’re setting up a bar at home or at work – Mixology & Craft portable cocktail mixer set is a brilliant way to hit the ground running.

Riedel Bar Ouverture Tequila Glass, Set of 2

  • The machine-made tequila glass of the glass collection Ouverture is ideal for everyday use.
  • The shape and size of the bowl deliver the finest and most delicate aromas and makes the Tequila taste round, supple and sweet.
  • All RIEDEL glasses are dishwasher safe.
  • 6-3/4-ounce capacity and stands 8-1/4-inch high.

Atterstone 17-Piece Premium Travel Cocktail Set

  • All-Inclusive Barware Set. The Atterstone Portable Cocktail Set has 1 jigger, 1 shaker, 1 bar spoon, 1 strainer, 1 garnish knife, 1 pair of ice tongs, 1 muddler, 1 wooden cutting board, 4 cocktail glasses, and 4 garnish picks. These cocktail-mixing accessories are conveniently packed in a black travel case with leather handle.
  • Travel-Smart and Travel-Safe Cocktail Case. The inside compartments are specifically and intricately designed to hold the accessories in place. No need to worry about the contents being jumbled or broken while you’re on the move.
  • Spacious Interior for both Accessories and Liquors. The interior of the travel case is big enough to hold the inclusive accessories and your liquors of choice! The travel case doesn’t have space-restricting bottle dividers, so you can pack up to 3 standard-sized bottles of alcohol.
  • Trusty Set of Premium Materials. Atterstone specializes in crafting barware that prepares and serves the finest liquors – and the Cocktail Travel set is no different! From the clear glasses, to the smooth cutting board, and professionally-constructed shaker, every inclusion in this set is made from quality materials.
  • Beautiful and Functional Design. The chic accessories and handsome travel case have so much more to offer than their aesthetic appeal. The sizes and make of the set inclusions are all intended to make travel easy, safe, and convenient. Atterstone’s portable bar case is a real charmer wherever you place it but is also a real trooper wherever you travel with it.

Margarita Uno Premium Margarita Mix Powder

  • Super-convenient powdered margarita mix – just add tequila (or other liquor), water, and ice
  • Quality non-GMO ingredients, including organic raw cane sugar and organic Mexican blue agave
  • Clean lime taste and an adult level of sweetness – only 50 calories per serving
  • Each packet makes 4 cocktails – each on-the-rocks cocktail is 4 fluid ounces (using 2 ounces of prepared mix and 2 ounces of liquor)
  • Lightweight flat packet is great for travel, camping, parties, concerts, RVing, sporting events, boating, picnics, cruising, gift giving, wedding favors, anytime!

Margarita Cocktail Kit

  • MARGARITAS IN A BOX! This gift set has all the bar accessories and recipes needed to mix up tasty drinks at home using fresh squeezed lime juice and not sugary margarita mix. Add your favorite tequila, orange liqueur, and a squeeze of lime to make a classic that will sure to please. All packaged nicely in a wood-like printed corrugate box!
  • ALL THE ESSENTIALS & KNOW-HOW INCLUDED! This bar set includes recipe cards to make various classic margarita cocktails. Includes a brushed stainless 750ml shaker & jigger cocktail set, two 11 oz heavy base low ball rocks glasses, lime green citrus press, and a 4 oz tin of real fruit lime infused rimming Rokz margarita salt.
  • MAKES THE PERFECT GIFT! Have a friend or family member that likes to indulge in a cocktail or two? This drink kit is perfect for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Weddings, House Warming Presents, Anniversaries, Retirement, College Graduation, Holiday Gifts, a Thank You or to simply treat yourself.
  • ALL-NATURAL FRESHLY SQUEEZED LIME JUICE! Save money and forget the store bought margarita mixes. All the recipes included in this kit contain freshly squeezed lime juice. It not only tastes better, it’s better for you without all that added sugar, preservatives and artificial flavoring.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE! We know that you’ll be shaking up the best margaritas you have ever had within minutes of receiving this kit. However, if you decide it’s not for you go ahead and return for refund within 30 days, no questions asked! If at anytime you have an issue with an item due to normal use, we’ll replace it for you! We only provide the best components and glassware so buy with confidence knowing we got your back if an issue arises.

Libbey Colors Margarita Glass Set, 4-Piece

  • Set of 4 units, blue, red, green, orange color rim margarita glasses. 14.75 ounces .Made of durable, crystal clear glass
  • Designed to provide optimum clarity and brilliance
  • Thick stem and foot provides added stability. Generous Capacity 14.75 oz
  • Classic shape and style. Wide round top bowl creates an eye-catching presentation. Great for serving margaritas, cocktails, desserts and appetizers

Glacio Ice Cube Molds

  • BIG SQUARE ICE CUBES – Our jumbo square molds creates 6 giant ice cubes at 1.9 inches each. More than a novelty, big ice melts/dilutes more slowly, making them ideal for your Old Fashioned, Scotch, Bourbon or Blended Whiskey.
  • LARGE ICE BALL MOLDS – Our silicone sphere freezer molds creates 2.5 inch large ice balls. More than a novelty, big ice melts/dilutes more slowly. Use them to cool your craft cocktails, iced cold brew coffee, popsicles, infused mint for Mojitos, or frozen lemonade.
  • SIMPLE NON-STICK DESIGN – Unlike stiff plastic ice cube trays, our flexible ice trays are made of durable silicone. These flexible ice molds can be easily twisted or pushed from the bottom to remove ice cubes for an easy release.
  • FOOD GRADE SILICONE – glacio’s BPA free black silicone ice trays are 100% safe and effective at freezing liquids like fruit juice, soup, and even baby food. Better yet, each tray is easy to clean off quickly and they’re dishwasher safe.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We are so confident you’ll think we have the best silicone ice molds on the market that we make every order with a complete money back guarantee. So try our ice mold combo sets and chill your drink with ice that lasts!

Glencairn Crystal Official Whisky Glasses in Presentation Box

  • Winner of the Queen’s Award for Innovation and recognised as the ‘definitive glass for whisky’, The Glencairn Glass’s roots lie in the traditional nosing and tasting glasses used by master blenders and connoisseurs around the world.
  • The unique and stylish shape has been crafted with eminent care to enhance the enjoyment of single malts and aged blends. The tapering mouth allows an ease of drinking not associated with traditional nosing glasses, while capturing that all-important bouquet.
  • The wide bowl allows the fullest appreciation of the whisky’s colour and the solid base is designed to be easy on the hand.
  • Made from lead free crystal, which is dishwasher safe.

The Glencairn Glass Leather Travel Set with Two Whisky Tasting / Nosing Glasses

  • The Travel Case is: Covered in matt black leather with bold banded stitching and embossed with the Glencairn logo in bronze leaf. The inside is lined in matching suede and it is fastened with a bright bronze effect metal clasp to finish this very contemporary looking set. Case Specifications: Height 25.5cm x Diameter 8.7cm
  • The famous Glencairn Whisky Glass is a revolutionary glass that really improves the savouring and nosing of fine whisky. The Glencairn Glass’s roots lie in the traditional nosing and tasting glasses used by master blenders and connoisseurs around the world. The unique and stylish shape has been crafted with eminent care to enhance the enjoyment of single malts and aged blends. The tapered mouth allows an ease of drinking not associated with traditional nosing glasses.
  • While capturing that all-important bouquet. The wide bowl allows the fullest appreciation of the whisky’s colour and the solid base is designed to be easy on the hand. The time and effort put into all this development was rewarded in 2006 when the Glencairn Glass won The Queens Award for Innovation and in now used by the majority of whisky company’s throughout the world.
  • These are great to use for any of your favourite Scotch Whiskies, Irish Whiskey’s, and also your quality single barrel bourbons. With the tapered mouth, you are able to really smell all of the nuances the whisky has to offer. Glass Specifications: Manufactured Lead Free Crystal. Height 11.5cm x Diameter 4.6mm. Volume 170ml or 6oz. Dishwasher Safe

The Tequila Aficionado Christmas Sweater

(Hoodie, Sweatshirt, or Long Sleeve Tee Shirt)

Your friends and family will appreciate a tequila twist on the traditional Christmas Sweater.  Get both Feliz Navidad and Merry Christmas in hoodie, sweatshirt, and long sleeve tee shirt!