Tequila Aficionado Micro Promotions

Not ready for the commitment of an annual advertising package? Want to create extra buzz for a launch? Just looking for a seasonal boost? Want to promote a venue or show appreciation to your favorite account?

We now offer:

  • Instagram Video Replay* (our review of your brand) $50ea
  • Facebook Watch Replay* (our review of your brand) $50ea
  • Retweets* (linked to our review of your brand) $50 (2)
  • Instagram Posts (your image, copy & hashtags) $50ea
  • Facebook Posts (your image, copy & hashtags) $50ea
  • Boosted Post (our audience, your budget) $50 + Boost
  • Pinterest Board (10 optimized pins) $100
  • Single Page Ad in Tequila Aficionado Magazine (1)* $100ea
  • Inside Cover of Tequila Aficionado Magazine (1) $500ea
  • Two-Page Section (Seasonal Cocktails, Crowdfunding, Launches) $200/ea
  • Restaurant/Bar Video (your long form sizzle reel, may be walkthrough, menu, cocktails, mixology feature) posted to our YouTube, Website, Instagram and Facebook Watch $400

*Already included in annual packages

Tequila Aficionado reserves the right to refuse or edit inappropriate or misleading promotions.

Email Lisa@TequilaAficionado.com for scheduling and availability.