Gracias a Dios Mezcal

mezcal, gracias a diosFrom the Gracias a Dios Website:

Gracias a Dios is a double distilled mezcal, 100% artisanal, handmade with “piñas” from espadín agave and other varieties, ground and fermented in our own palenque in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca, honoring fair trade with the help of maestro mezcalero Oscar Hernández Santiago.With a strong, aromatic and balanced flavor, this spirit is the product of a 4-generation family of maestros mezcaleros, who have traditionally kept the artisan processes of making this drink.

This is an initiative to pursue the value mezcal deserves from the moment of sowing. We plant thousands of agave seeds every year, with the hopes they’ll grow for eight to ten years before we can start turning them into GRACIAS A DIOS mezcal.

One maguey, or agave, need at least seven years to ripen to become a good mezcal.

The leaves of the agave are removed from the hearts, which are also called “piñas”.

The piñas are cooked for around 4 days in a dirt oven heated with wood and covered with rocks and agave leaves.

Once cooked, the piñas are crushed in a stone grinder to obtain the pulp from the agave.

The pulp rests in oak vats and is left to simmer from 3 to 15 days, depending on the weather.

The fermented paste is put into a copper still where it boils and the vapors are condensed into alcohol. Mezcal is distilled twice.

White mezcal is bottled directly, while ‘reposado’ rests in oak barrels for 3 months.



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