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lunazul, lunazul tequilaWhat makes Lunazul Tequila so great?  For over 250 years, our family has been crafting some of Mexico’s smoothest tequila. Over that time, we’ve learned it’s always best to keep things simple, and that creating high quality tequila comes from using only the best ingredients and classic techniques. Our history and experience gives us the confidence to produce a tequila you can enjoy on any occasion. And it’s our heritage that has taught us: with tequila like Lunazul, there’s no reason to complicate things.

The Mexican Wolf

Lunazul means “Blue Moon” and the Mexican wolf has always played a vital role in our identity. Mysterious and resourceful, the independent spirit of the wolf resonates in everything we do. We’re proud to partner with NATURALIA, a non-profit organization that promotes the conservation of Mexico’s ecosystems and wild species such as the Mexican Wolf through outreach, education and fieldwork. Together, Naturalia and Lunazul believe that when you’re good to your lands, your lands are good to you.




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#lunazultequila… Authentic flavor from the ground up.

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Lunazul blanco – clearly the right choice #Tequila

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Lunazul – guaranteed to stand out in a crowd

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Long after autumn colors have faded, the spirit remains.

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