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Diva Tequila represents quality and value.
The creation of Diva tequila was inspired by Blaine and Carmel, partners in our famous brand. It was decided that we needed to create a special tequila for women, one that women can enjoy sipping or mixing without the traditional burning sensation you receive from most tequila. By Infusing citrus such as Orange, Tangerine and Grape into the tequila we have created a tequila with a great aroma and flavor that exceeds everyone’s expectations.

Now you have a great tequila in a presentation that catches your eye on any shelf and can be proudly displayed on your home bar. You will also take pride in gifting the Tequila to your friends and Family. The Diva bottle was developed in 2012 by a young and talented 8 year old named Melissa. Using her mother’s perfume bottles she created the masterpiece that we share with you today. Diva Tequila is in big demand in many states in the USA and Mexico, once you “Discover the Difference” of Diva Tequila We are confident you will agree.

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