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tromba-e1371721572896, tromba tequilaCreated by Marco Cedano, Mexico’s preeminent master distiller, Tromba Tequila is a boutique tequila produced in small batches. Tromba’s sweet, fresh flavor exemplify Marco’s unique production techniques and passion for perfection.
Tromba is an independent brand, born out of the highlands of Mexico and driven by an international team drawn together by a love for tequila.
Simply put, we are out to turn people on to the idea of drinking quality 100% agave tequila.


Tromba is always about quality not quantity. At Tromba we only produce small, lovingly crafted batches to ensure that our Master Distiller can oversee every step of the delicate process. If we say so ourselves, the end result is some of the finest premium tequila we’ve ever tasted. It may take us a while, but believe us-it’s definitely worth the wait.

Our Master Distiller

With a wealth of experience, following a career in the tequila industry spanning 39 years, Marco Cedano is one of Mexico’s most esteemed master distillers. Marco first made his name in tequila as the original master distiller for Don Julio Tequila, a post he held for 17 years. After his experience with one of the largest tequila brands in the world, Marco has turned his attention to forging his own path, as both master distiller and founder of an independent brand, Tequila Tromba.

Marco has lived most of his life in the region around Los Altos, Jalisco, where Tequila Tromba is produced. His extensive experience in tequila production and his relationship with agave growers ensures that Tromba delivers tequila of the highest quality.


Tequila Tromba is made from 100% blue agave Tequilana Weber.
Despite what you may have heard, agave is not a cactus. It’s actually a succulent related to the lily and amaryllis species. It takes real love and patience to cultivate agave, taking between 7 to 12 years to ripen. It is certainly worth the wait.
What makes our agave so special is that it solely thrives in the rich red highland soil irrigated by the annual tromba (“big rains”). And while these discerning plants only grow between the altitudes of 1500-2100m, these things make up for it by growing big. 


Weighing in at 40-70 kilograms each, these monsters are carefully harvested, by hand, by specialist jimadores, taking special care to ensure that Tequila Tromba is distilled from only the very best of our beloved crop.




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